Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Inspired by Murder

I've recently registered to join in this year's UKS Cyber crop which is themed around whodunnits. I'm really pleased that I was selected to be in the Jessica Fletcher team as Murder She Wrote is my guilty pleasure and I bore people to tears about it haha. Anyway, there's a pre-crop challenge depending on which team you are in and you are given an image to inspire a LO design. Ours was the image to the left. I chose to use the title and the colour scheme within my design (burgundy, lemon & tan). It also influenced my subject matter, which I had intended to scrap before the CC came along, so this was the perfect opportunity. Not only that, but in order to kill more birds with the same stone, I used a sketch challenge from another UKS team I'm on, which was uploaded by Lou. The original sketch was not quite as balanced as I like, so I evened it up a bit but not much and added an extra element to give a little more symmetry. However, what this sketch has helped me with is to take that rigidity in design I was referring to in an earlier post and loosen it up a bit. That hybrid mix is coming through which I'm really pleased to see and I have to say I'm really pleased with the finished page.


Michele said...

Another fab LO! You definitley hit lucky with the CC team selection. I see what you mean about loosening up the design but still keeping the symmetry and balance.x

Jemma said...

Great lo what a cool idea!! and yes i totally love Murder she wrote too!!! hahaha we can be geeks together x

Anonymous said...

Looks great, Paul! Love the colour combo ... x alexa