Sunday, 18 January 2009

Productive Day

Yesterday, I managed to spend some time crafting with friends and instead of the usual shuffling around of paper, pretending to be busy whilst in fact fooling no one, I was instead rather productive. I've now put the finishing touches to two of them which are included in this post.
The first is Winning Streak, which journals the good fortune that came my way towards the end of last year.
The second one is bitter-sweet. It is a double LO which records Mum's 70th birthday earlier on this month. It is something I felt I wanted to record. It's a landmark event and we had lots of laughs and fun. Birthday girl herself was full of giggles which is always a pleasure to see. But oh, the photos. There's more than these few which are just selected highlights. I'm not used to them and to me they bring only feelings of sadness. I well up at the reality they reflect back to me. The shadow of a person I once knew. A frail old looking woman. That just cannot be her. But to journal the photos, make something beautiful from them helps me accept & acknowledge the change. So I'm really pleased with it. These two LOs show that to record life, it does no harm to remember both the fun silly stuff and the sad aspects. It's harmonious. Ying & Yang.
By the way, do you notice Cathy Zs influence in these LOs? I do. They're looking a little too rigid so I'm looking forward to just tweaking what I learnt and adding more of my own personality back into my designs. May take a few LOs to get there but I'm interested to see how I adapt and what will come from it.


Michele said...

Great LOs Paul. Fab idea to feature the rewards from your lucky streak. Definitely see the Cathy influence, but I don't think they look too rigid - love the clean style.

Jemma said...

great LOs and yes totally see the CZ influence, looks great!!