Thursday, 12 February 2009

Special AFTH Day

Art From The Heart had a special day today. Yes, they had a certain person come along to give a demo and I had my ticket. And how over the moon was I to meet the one and only KIRSTY WISEMAN. I adore Kirsty and she's so darned sweet. It was worth the rotten drive through grimy motorways and snow just to have a gossip.

The ever wonderful and creative Dyan was there too, wearing her to-die-for boots and seriously impressive killer black nails with not a trace of chipping I may add.

And of course, I got to catch up with my great friends Karen & Michele who always have me laughing. Boy do those two know how to shop and they did the PROPER thing and went to see Sir Tim. Personally, I was happier being silly with Kirsty & Dyan (& getting told off, quite rightly so haha). Plenty to put in my 12 of 12 page.


Kirsty Wiseman said...

Paul, you are such a dream to have fun is my middle name! the day would not have been comlete without spending time with you xx

Michele said...

Aw thanks Paul - blush x

Jemma said...

Paul you are so funny you HAVE to come to Calgary for a crop and bring those stinky teamiegas with you ;)

Really glad you enjoyed your day but are you saying to didnt go and speak with TH???