Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Metal Flakes

Dawn from Topaz was very kind the other day and loaned me a box of metal flakes so that I could see what they do. Since then I've been having a play and trying out several techniques including the one used on this card which uses a glue pen as the size (the medium which is sticky). I took a swirly design, printed it out onto card and then followed the outline with the glue pen before applying the metal flakes. I've seen several techniques and its down to each individual's preference. For me, I had best results when applying the leaf with a brush then burnishing off with a special abrasive sponge. I initially started out with a much larger design but in the process of making a card out of it, I over worked it until it looked a mess. So I rescued a section of it using a circular die and used this in the above card. Well waste not, want not.


Hazel (Didos) said...

This is lovely, I would love to try metal flakes. They always look stunning. On my very big wish list!!!

Jaqi said...

It looks fab Paul, I havent tried Metal Flakes either, Cadburys Flakes are more my style LOL , you have done a good job here though it looks great, Jaqi

Michele said...

Fab card, Paul - I'm sure I bought some of those flakes once upon a time - must dig them out and have a play.