Monday, 22 June 2009

You should see what beauties I swapped these for

Saturday I went to a local crop and boy did we chill, laugh and gossip with new faces and old (& I'm not going to say whos "old" etc haha). And with all the doughnuts and biscuits people brought with them to share, how can I possibly find the will to diet! I don't have anything to show from the day (except more weight) because I took my laptop for the day and designed 2 weeks worth of LOs for my holiday album. However, I can now show these three ATCs which I made for the very sweet and adorable Karen. In return, I'm now in possession of three gorgeous ATCs containing nude ladies. Like so many others, Karen knows exactly how my mind works. Anything, odd or edgy, I love it. And I've promised not to "dump them in a box" either :D
Oh and by the way thanks to a dear anonymous friend, I can now tie bows. It's taken forty odd years to find a fellow cack hander who could patiently take me through the steps. So if you start seeing bows appearing in my projects, you'll know why :)


Karen said...

They are soooooo gorjus, can't wait to see what you swapped them for.
Stunning !

Love Karen x

Hazel (Didos) said...

WOW they are stunning, I love the eyes one, it is amazing. I can jsut tie bows and no more. It seems to be a hit or miss with me, Hazelxo

Jemma said...

they are awesome, i LOVE the black and white one, really cool!!! how do you come up with these cool ideas and they are always so different?????

had to LOL at someone telling you you couldnt do something i dont think you would stick at much my dear friend!!

although your crazy post on UKS today made me wonder if you need glasses :P


Anonymous said...

Oooh, these are just lovely! The one with the eyes peeping (that nearly said 'peeing') out is especially wonderful... I'm waiting for something like this to appear as a tag on one of your LOs - tied with a bow, of course! :) alexa

Michele said...

Fab ATC's, as always, Paul. Love how you make each one so different, yet equally lovely x

kjjc said...

As the lucky (sweet and adorable) recipient I can confirm that these are lovely irl as well as on screen. Thanks Paul and any time you fancy a swap let me know and I'll drum a few more nudes for you.xx