Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Triple Fold Card

I've seen this style of card on a few blogs and decided to have a go myself. It's very easy to make but again I think the adhesive I used has warped the card and made it too chunky. Other than that it's a fun design to play around with. I wanted to try the colour combination of grey and purple which I read in one of the Sunday papers was a trendy combination in interior design. In the end because I chose more of the lighter tones it has become a softer look. If you'd like to try this style of card yourself, there's a link here.


Michele said...

Love this card Paul - might have to have a go myself.

Karen said...

Stunning ! Love that type of card, although I've never had a go at making one.

Love Karen x

Jemma said...

cool TFS i was goign to post a comment about surely it wasnt still that hot in the UK and you should be crafting and posting but you beat me to it!!

awesome card!!

Cath Wilson said...

He, he, Paul - I had a load of those cut out to use on Saturday, to go along with the other one I did, until I realised I only had half a day and we'd never have time to do both! Love it.
Merci encore pour le fromage - c'est super!

Neet said...

Ooh Paul, I think this is one to go with the one we did on Saturday - must follow your link and have a go.
Love the colour combination you used - might have to try something similar. Keep me up with current rends and all that! LOL

Cheryl said...

great card and great colour combo too love cheryl xxxxx