Sunday, 23 August 2009

Its all about the timing

There is a fantastic friend in my life, Lemon, who years ago gave me a gift of an empty cigar box to do with as I pleased. I loved it but it got put onto a shelf in my art room, gathering dust & awaiting my attention. But maybe these things are waiting for the elements to align themselves perfectly. So it is that four years later, I dig this box out and begin to decorate it. It's obviously been biding its time waiting for the moment I drift into the "Clean & Simple" design world. The papers are K&Co and are wonderfully warm colours. They just make the box cry out to be filled with something cosy and joyous. I'm not sure what but that's why I've labelled it "Stuff" on the lid. I have to say, the way the lid is hinged onto the box made it an awkward object to cover in paper and I had to carefully fold and glue tiny sections and corners. Worth it in the end though. However I may have stuck too many elements onto it for it to pass in all purity as "Clean & Simple". Its a hybrid of messy meets clean. A transitional piece shall we say.


Karen said...

Gorjus, gorjus box Paul.

I've left something here for you.

Love Karen x

Anne Jagger said...

Love it. I'd hide my chocolate stash in it.

Cheryl said...

wow this is one gorgeous box hun love it love cheryl xxx

Michele said...

Gorgeous - very elegant x

Vicky McClean said...

Hahaha........just found your blog Paul, and am laughing at your reference to clean/messy, as you couldn't decide and thus it is on the cusp, so to speak, i thought this item was vintage & altered, beautifully i might add. Isn't it funny how we start out to be clean and always end up distressed and messy LOL......well that's me anyway.... i love it and such warm colours, i also love K&Co papers, with their shabby look but stylish too, i am now following you and hope you pop in to see me sometime too,
Hugs, Vick