Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Its just a box...okay?

I've had my pad of K&Co's Que Sera Sera for a few months now. The collection has a wonderful vivid colour to it and is texturally very busy. Perfect for this project where edges of paper are cut out and but against each other. With so many joins, the layered patterns, all but mask where each piece meets up with another. It all just blends together. It's like wallpapering. If you're not careful and choose a repeating pattern, you have got to be precise in placing them side by side.

So anyway, I have this empty chocolate box (I know, BIG surprise!). I don't have a use for it but I know I want to cover it then decide on it's purpose. The Que Sera Sera was finally taken out and placed on my craft table and my knife finally sliced through selected sheets. I needed to be precise with the measuring and cutting but it actually went really smoothly thanks in the main to the benefits I've already explained about its collaged properties.

I also have lying around some Cosmo Cricket Wanted chipboard letters which I haven't touched since buying. So in my continual effort to start using what I have, not just letting it gather dust, I dragged them out. I had to think of a word that was small and would fit neatly on the lid. The brain was empty. Then it hit me. Its a box! Just call it that.

So now I need to put something into it. Will it store stash? Embellishments? Pens? Or should I make a crafty insert. A book? A Card? Don't know yet. But when I do, you may see this box again in a future blog post :)


Michele said...

Lovely - great paper choice, looking forward to seeing what you use it for (ATCs perhaps - LOL)

Karen said...

Gorjus box Paul and absolutely stunning cards. Love the black n grey one. Stunning.

Love Karen x

Lindsay Mason said...

It's great Paul - I love the Que Sera range much going on on every sheet. Like the simple title too, now you can use it for anything! Love, Lindsay x x
PS sorry I never said a proper cheerio last weekend, but as you know, it was pretty manic there.