Monday, 7 September 2009

As Cath said to me..."Very Dramatic, Very You"

On Saturday I had a fantastic time courtesy of the Victoria Stampers club and my friend, Alison who joined me there for the first time. We both had a brilliant day and her finished project was superb.
The exceptionally talented and crafty Neet took us through the steps to making a Palooza. What's a Palooza you ask? No idea. It's a class that the Ranger meister himself, Tim Holtz, taught and Neet was lucky enough to attend. The IKEA store had been raided for mirrors and sold on the day and we all decorated over the top in our own fashionable ways. I had a red frame and started out making a monochrome design. Then I started playing around with adding black to make it more visually interesting and once I'd gone down that route, I added gold as an accent. Yes, I know, very oriental but that wasn't my intention.
When my lovely friend Cath walked by and saw it, she looked at me and laughed, "Very dramatic. Very you". I didn't stick everything down on the day because the glue I intended using would take several hours to dry properly and so on Sunday, I sat in my art room and finished it off. Cath's words came back to me as I was trying to think of something I could place in the centre to cover the mirror (hateful things). So I knocked up the type on Indesign, played around until I was happy and printed it out. Moments later my reflection was removed from the Palooza. It can now hang in my art room to inspire me.


Artyjen said...

Love your Palooza! Mirrors? Who would have them.....Palooza's? Every craft space should have one just like your great creation.

kjjc said...

ooo very nice, very red. Like the a r t going on.

Neet said...

Love it!

Michele said...

Stunning, Paul - u going to bring it to HG?