Thursday, 15 October 2009

It should be made law that everyone must own an item that's flocked

Mmmmmm I have goosebumps go right through me whenever I see flocked paper. I know you can't see from the photo but the top section of this card, the black flourish pattern - its all flock baby. All the card used in this comes from DCWV La Creme collection and half the patterns contained within the pack are flocked.

Flock seems to be everywhere in the world of interior design and long may it continue to be fashionable. As for the card I've made here, I've kept it clean and simple. No colours, just neutrals. The previous card I posted was a lot busier with more layering. However, if forced to choose, I have to say I prefer this one.

I'm lapping up the minimalist movement. Same goes when I'm at my art appreciation course at night school. I'm discovering that I prefer my art to be uncluttered and displaying only the pertinent details. I feel part of me tense up inside when our tutor puts up an image on the slideshow with yet another busy painting of all these extraneous characters and images crammed into a small space.

Okay, deep breath. Vein on my temple is about to explode haha. Anyway, ahem, hope you like the card.


Michele said...

Gorgeous - love the clean look, very classy!

Cath Wilson said...

Love this, Paul - extremely classy :) You get worse though - flock for everyone????? I don't think so!!

kjjc said...

beautiful but even if I didn't like it would you give a flock???LOL sorry couldn't resist.See you saturday.