Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Loving London and its Cultural Collections

Back in August, Nick & I took a mini tourist break in London to soak up some of the culture. On my return, I knew that if a reminder of the holiday was ever to be made, it had to be soon. Leave it for a few months and suddenly, the album would be yet another one on my "Someday Maybe" list.

I dug around to see what blank albums I already had (given that I seem to have collected a fair few over the years) and came across this spiral bound one, which seemed just about the right size.

Again, I opened up my InDesign software and placed photos and text together. There's no journaling in the layouts as I have kept it simply as a pictorial reminder. No need for thoughts, feelings or even factual snippets. The art, my dears, simply speaks for itself haha.

I set the printer to work, printing out onto the requisite papers, snipped, chopped, hacked and glued. Added some postcards I'd bought (where photos hadn't been permitted) and there we go. Another holiday album to join the stack. And though it took a fair amount of time and effort to produce this, by keeping the LOs similar, it cut it down immensely. The task of a whole 24 page album each with it's own uniquely designed page would be way too much just for recording a weekend away.

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