Thursday, 17 December 2009

Not as simple as it looks but so worth it

I've just discovered templates. I know! How behind the times am I? Well it's all thanks to PaperTrey. They have a heap load of freebies which I'll hopefully have time to play around with but I also treated myself to a couple of their chargeable designs. And this clever little box is one of them.

Now it isn't a craft you can make in minutes. There's a lot of cutting and gluing involved just to make a basic box before you even start to contemplate its decoration. It's a little fiddly but a sharp knife and fast drying glue make it easier. And if I'm honest, I'll confess that on my first attempt, I glued the front and back pieces upside down of each other. A stupid, careless error which nearly ruined it. Thankfully I noticed straight away before my glue had a chance to set, which isn't that long by the way.

However, once the patterned paper went on, it started to take shape and came out pretty satisfactory. A little stamping with the Chatsworth set and digging out my nesties once again for the scalloped oval to finish it off. Makes a nice change from making cards and I still only used paper scraps. Yup, no 12x12 paper was harmed in the making of this box.


kjjc said...

mg this is super. I could chuck it on my sideboard if your is full. lol

kjjc said...

D'you know Paul that would make a lovely envelope for a 50th birthday

Neet said...

That is gorgeous - what a lovely box. And the colours are so you. I think papercrafters will realise how long it takes to put something like this together.

See you soon.

Michele said...

Wow - this is gorgeous, Paul! Love the combination of papers you have used x