Sunday, 28 February 2010

Get In Line

This week's excellent lesson from Cathy Z reminded us how to rest our images on a line. I'd completely forgotten about grids and intersecting lines. Glad for the refresher.

Yes in the first LO you can see my nobbly knees in an embarrassing reminder that I used to be a cub scout. But hey, the LO isn't about me. It's about Mum, who became a brown owl and a bloomin good one at that, so the Mothers of her little troupe would remark. I thought nothing of it at the time, but looking back, I'm quite tickled by her choosing to do this in her spare time.

The second LO documents my school trip to Paris (don't most people have a similar tale to tell? Their first holiday abroad with school). A happy memory from a time I normally prefer to forget. Life improved ten fold once I left my high school. I started mixing with much more colourful friends haha.

Speaking of which, my third LO shows the mob I hung around with at college. Good times, good times. Unfortunately it doesn't have a couple of life-changing friends in the shot. They joined late in the course after this photo was taken. They deserve a LO all by themselves one day.


Michele said...

3 clean, simple and very stylish LOs! Love the brownie one - brings back happy memories of my own brownie days. x

La Vie en Scrap said...

I love this layouts, very "clean and simple", but great!