Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Compromise for Cath

It's Cath's Birthday!!! And this is the card she will have hopefully opened. Now Cath is a passionate stamper who, like myself, has a certain set of opinions about stamping and crafts. Haha. Cath is a talented artist with inks whom I admire greatly. Me, I'm not such an artist these days. I've veered off that path and come back to my beloved design.

So in making a card for Cath, I knew it had to be a combination of our two styles. Plus, also like me, Cath loves France In fact she probably loves it more than I do and I love it a lot. Lots & lots. Sorry I'm drifting. So it was easy to choose stamps, finding images which hint at French sauciness.

To honour the arty side, I painted a piece of card in Micaceous Oxide and then sponged over a mix of metallic blues, purples and gold. I inked up the corset image and embossed in pewter. Then my style took over. I used patterned paper and spellbinders nesties. I kept the image focal by leaving lots of white space. I tried adding buttons etc. but it looked best when it was uncluttered. So there you have it. A blend of both interests. A hybrid :D

Hope you have a wonderful day Cath! Or should that be, Bon Anniversaire! xxx


Anne Jagger said...

Oooo la la!!!LOL! Tres chic and tres saucy!
Love how you've combined both styles. x

Michele said...

Fab card, Paul - you've combined both styles (and Paris) very well. I'm sure Cath will love it x

Cath Wilson said...

Merci bien, mon ami. J'en suis reconnaissante :) Love it and was really surprised - thank you. Wondered how you'd done that background and now I know... never played with micaceous iron oxide yet - tut, tut! It's going on my to do list now, lol. Much appreciated!