Monday, 17 May 2010

Playing Around with My Stash

I didn't have a lot of time to play in my craft room this weekend but in the moments I could grasp, I played about learning how to further utilise my crafting tools and materials.

As much as I love my Martha Stewart Punches, I hadn't quite got the hang of the corner and edge combo sets (and given that I own three types, it needed conquering). I'm used to working with punches by holding them upside down to see where I'm chomping the paper. So I missed the guidelines on the front to help place the corner punches. Once I saw that, I cracked it.

Secondly, I played around with Fimo clay. Making clay pieces was easy. It kinda got messy when I tried to decorate them. I tried some new ideas (to me anyway) by adding gilding flakes and/or glitter. The results of this playing, I turned into the three cards shown here. I also mucked about with mold n pour for the first time but none of the pieces I made are incorporated here.

There's still more I could do with learning about these materials and that's the great thing about giving yourself the freedom to play.


Dotpat said...

Know what you mean Paul, I am alway's having to make things for a reason, so just being able to play is not always easy, love what you have done with the punches. I love these too

Michele said...

Looks like you had a really successful 'play'! 3 fab cards that anyone would be delighted to receive. The Fimo pieces look great - look forward to seeing the mold n pour pieces on a future project. x

Anonymous said...

Cool colours and great design - like your adventures in Fimo, too! x alexa