Wednesday, 30 June 2010

A Selection from the Album

Where has the weekend disappeared to? All my grand plans for sitting in my little room and crafting away have all gone astray. Blame it on the good weather we are still having. I've been cycling in Derwent, taking long leisurely strolls in the countryside and spending time staring into ponds and rivers whilst feeding the fish, newts and ducks. It's just one long holiday here lol.

Speaking of which, I've just finished putting together my holiday album for the two weeks I recently enjoyed in France. So here are a selection of the collaged photo pages. These are all placed on the left hand side of my 8x8 eggshell blue, album and the right hand side has the journalling. Hopefully, these pages will give a flavour of what we got up to. It's really nice to sit down with a completed album and quickly get a memory packed overview. Easier and much quicker than trawling through the thousands of photos stored on our computers.


Michele said...

That was quick! Fab photos - looks like you had a great holiday x

alexa said...

Lovely LOs and photos - I always admire how you can do an album with such style and speed!

Nance said...

Fantastic album. I like the collage look, it's like a condensed version of the trip itself!

Anne Jagger said...

Lovely album Paul.

Love your new PDCC badges - very nice! X

Cath Wilson said...

What can I say? Looks absolutely gorgeous everywhere you went... love it, Paul. I can see you had a great, varied time.