Sunday, 4 July 2010

Something you wont have seen on here for a while

These days, I blog mostly cards and the occasional scrapbook page but there was a time when I made a lot of altered art. Well, here I am at it again! All thanks to my wonderful friend Mo, who led the Vicky Stampers group this weekend. She encouraged us all to have a play with Decopatch, which is the craft of gluing patterned tissue over 3D objects. You can easily buy ready made, papier mache objects to cover but I took in a selection of pebbles and a wooden vase that I had picked up in a local charity shop (see previous post).

The first step was to lightly sand it, remove the twine and coat in white gesso. When dry, I used a combination of blue rose and denim patterned tissue, torn into 1" square pieces to decorate. The rest of the day I spent, chatting, socialising, eating naughty treats (Chupa Chups and donuts), and generally chilling. Once I got it home though, I dug around in my stash to find something to adorn it with. To begin, a ball of glittery wool was wound around where the twine used to be and I added a a couple of colours of chenille to accent.

I then tried all sorts of combinations of items placed onto the vase but always came back to a simple, minimalist approach of these three buttons. Well, button shapes anyway. They are made from UTEE which had been poured into my own homemade moulds using mold 'n' pour and vintage buttons. And there we have it. All it needed was three synthetic flowers purchased from IKEA and it was finished.


JoZart said...

Aaaawwh... so sorry I missed the workshop, and you too!. It sounds a great time and love what you produced.
Jo x

Cath Wilson said...

It looks brilliant, Paul. Love what you did and how it turned out. Those flowers are a great touch, too. Just goes to show what you can do with a bit of rubbish, lol. Still ploughing through the Froggy literature and enjoying it. Thank you!

Michele said...

oo that's really lovely, Paul - the UTEE buttons look fab! x

alexa said...

Very stylish, Paul! Love the formality of the black and the informality of the twine.