Friday, 3 September 2010

Being Pretentious in London

As some of you may know, I've had a little birthday and as is normal whenever this occurs, I went away for a few days. This year, I decided I wanted to spend some time with friends in london, going to see a few art exhibits.

So when we arrived on Tuesday, the first place we descended on was Tate Britain which I have neglected to visit for a fair few years now. The reason was to see Fiona Banner's spectacle. Two fighter planes, one of which was hung from the ceiling. Not really art but it brings people into the gallery to look at it.

Next up was Saatchi's gallery. I've never been before but it was well worth it for this piece alone. It's by Richard Wilson and it's in the basement of the gallery. A whole room has been filled with oil. It's so black and smooth that it's like looking into a mirror. In fact it's quite an optical illusion when you first see it and it takes your brain a few seconds to comprehend what you are seeing.

This piece also took up a whole room and was an arrangement of all kinds of loud speakers playing piped organ music. Very weird to see and to hear. A brilliant experience though. You could sit on the floor, close your eyes, like I did and be lost in the whole effect. Very bohemian when a few of us did this.

Now how could I not be drawn towards this piece. Cher Guevara!

The following day, m'birthday, we began at the Barbican where they were exhibiting the Surreal House. All the work was in the theme of a home and produced by surrealists. In here was some exciting art that I have wanted to see irl but hadn't expected to come upon. A huge treat. Love the Surrealists. Highlights included Sleep by the one & only Dali. I stood in front of this for ages just getting lost in the details. Such a beautiful piece.

and this "The Lovers" by Magritte was my favourite piece. Very haunting, sexy, unnerving and moving all in one. I looked at this piece for a good while too until I felt my feet aching. So we moved on.

The Hayward Gallery had two wonderful exhibitions for the price of a single ticket. Downstairs was The New Decor where art met interior decoration. Upstairs was The Edge of the World, an interactive playful work. You took your shoes off and walked around netted tunnels. You could bang drums, bounce on foam seats, smell the herbal pouches, put your hands through the holes and even go swimming in the outdoor paddling pool. It was so like being a kid again.

Finally, what trip to london would it be if I didn't pop into Harrods and go to the Laduree shop. And as I have the most perfect guy in the whole world I was very lucky when he surprised me by ordering a large box of twenty...YES!!!...twenty macaroons. Which, as you can see from the photo have made it back to Stockport intact. Heaven!

So now I'm home, with lots to catch up on. Thank you to everyone who has left Birthday messages or sent cards. I am cheered by them all! I'm a very lucky guy. And thank you to everyone who has left comments on my posts regards the cards etc I post on here. I read every single one and am touched by all the kind responses. How can a day feel drab when I can switch on my computer and find sweet messages waiting for me in my inbox :) Thank you all. Paul xxx


Ed's Gallery said...

what beautiful collection!

Cath Wilson said...

Wow, Paul! You obviously had a fun packed, brilliant time. I so like the idea of playing at being a kid again - that must have been so much fun! Just like in the Fun House. Lucky you with the macaroons, too - hope you savour each and every one. Lucky you!

Dotpat said...

Love all your photo's Paul and glad you had a great birthday and those maccaroons look yummy

Bettythebaglady said...

Wow you must be chock a block full of energy to manage all that lot Paul. Have seen piccies of that oil thing but bet it's amazing irl. The only Dali I've seen was the Narcissus one with the rocks/person/pool image and it was incredibly tiny.The maccaroons look good enough to eat-and I bet you have by now!Hugs BettyXXX

kjjc said...

aw nowt but a big softie really then

Stephanie Kraft said...

Cool photos and gotta love those yummy macaroons! Happy, Happy {belated} Birthday, Paul!

She said...

Hi Paul, loved your pictures. A very Happy Belated Birthday :-) Those Macaroons look delish! ENJOY! S xx

Anne Jagger said...

Happy belated birthday Paul! Glad you had a great time away. Enjoy those yummy macaroons - dead impressed they made it home intact!
Many Happy Returns! Hugs, Anne X

Michele said...

Fab photos - glad you had a great birthday! xx

Sharli said...

Hi Paul! Happy belated birthday wishes to you!! Looks like you had a fabulous time - I'm so glad! Here's wishing for a perfect year!


Sarah A said...

Wow Paul, these works of art look amazing, keep menaing to take a trip down south again for a visit to London. Thanks for the inspiration!


PS Beleted good wishes for your birthday!