Tuesday, 28 September 2010

The Wirral

Here are a couple of layouts which were again very quick to generate. I'd like them to be fancier but it's a case of speed and trying to keep up to date.

They're both self-explanatory really, depicting a day out in the Wirral a few weeks back. We were making the most of the good weather. Now Autumn is here and the colder weather has shown up, our little visits will take a back seat and we'll do more of those jobs around the house we've been putting off. Or maybe I'll put some time aside to plough through the large pile of unread books which are lying, gathering dust, on my shelves. I certainly have good intentions but only time will tell.


Dotpat said...

Very nice they are too

Neet said...

Love the clean lines you have used with these.

Do I recognise the site of the first one?

I always love you LO's - see you Saturday all being well.
x x x

Michele said...

I love how you a) visit lots of interesting places b) take great photos and c) produce a fab LO. I can normally only manage one of the above at any one time - think that's where my scrapbooking is going wrong lol! x

alexa said...

These are lovely, Paul. I especially like the blocking of photos in the top one, and the logo as a decoration - delightful and very atmospheric!

Pat said...

Great layouts! There are always chores around the house, so it is nice you know that getting out and doing things is important, also!

Great job, & I am looking forward to more postings from you.
Hugs, Pat