Sunday, 17 October 2010

Dessert in a Cup

The care home where my Mum is, Arbour Court, is excellent in many ways, including all the various activities it holds to keep everyone entertained and engaged. One of these events was a cook off competition. I was asked if I could make the dessert for one of the teams & though pushed for time, I agreed. Problem was, I had to drop the dessert off early & I'd planned to make an Eton Mess which meant the meringue would go soggy if left. So I had to think up a different way to serve it.

Hence the plastic cups. The meringue is on the bottom, then an air pocket was created by a layer of blueberries. Then I piled on the cream, the strawberries more cream & crumbled meringue on top. Before eating, the idea was to stir up the whole lot & voila, Eton Mess. Or there was the option of eating it layer by layer.

The inspiration for the LO came again from Kirsty's Wednesday night Cyber Crop. Quirky & multi-layered, it's certainly enjoyable to merge Kirsty's style with my own. Like the colour challenges, it helps push my creativity in new directions. This time around, I opted for a strawberries & cream colour scheme, to keep with the whole theme.


Dotpat said...

Sounds delicous Paul, looks yummy too. You are a man of many talents

Michele said...

Fab sketch from Kirsty and I love what you've done with it. (The dessert looks pretty good too!) x

Stephanie Kraft said...

Such a fun layout and love how you served the dessert (looks yummy)!!

alexa said...

Scrumptious and mouthwatering!

Kirsty Wiseman said...

sharp, simple, clean, lovely xx
I love your layouts, paul x