Friday, 1 October 2010

The Fruits of My Labours

Thanks largely to Kirsty's Wednesday sketch, I'm indulging in creating a few more LOs recently. And this is the one I produced for this week's challenge. Like most sketches, I take the bits I want to use and either leave out or work around the parts that don't match my style. In this example, I didn't add any stitching, nor the circle or line of flowers. And I added a block for journaling. Oh yes, I also altered the design from 12x12 to A4. Apart from that, it is, i promise you, based on the sketch.

The LO itself is about our quince tree. What with the warm and wet prolonged seasons, all the fruit trees seem to have gone into overdrive. My parents have three orchard trees and they are bursting with fruit, especially the pear which like our quince tree, rarely has more than a handful of fruit each year. The thing is, with apples and pears, you can at least eat them and preserve them in a variety of interesting ways. You're a bit limited with quince. It's like rhubarb and gooseberry. There seems to be only a couple of passable recipes for them.

I'm off to a crafty meet up tomorrow. Apparently we're going to be messy with paints and inks. Eek! I've been advised to bring an apron and gloves. I've kinda left all that behind, however I'll try and stay as tidy as I can but the main thing is to go, have a laugh and see what creative ideas come from it. From the photos I've seen, it looks like it's going to be a really good day. Will update with pics after the event.


Sandie said...

Gorgeous layout!! You may have changed a few things but the sketch can still be seen.

Neet said...

I love the colours on this - a beautiful LO - but then you are the king of LO's.

Michele said...

Fab LO - the colours are 'pearfect' (sorry - couldn't resist) Look forward to seeing the results from your 'messy' day! x

Dotpat said...

Great Paul, our pear trees are the same absolutly laden, trouble it we can't reach the ones at the top

Kirsty Wiseman said...

im dying to taste a quince!
love the layout and colours Paul x