Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Inspiration Everywhere: Days 8 & 9

There was no task for the art journal on day 7, as it was a Sunday. However, here are my pages for yesterday & today. The first page asked us to rattle on about stories. We had a template in which to download three book images and I chose Salem's Lot, Woman in White & Dial M for Mascara. I think that's a good, eclectic taste.

Today was another printout, nothing fancy needed doing. All we had to do was write about the subject of joy. All done and dusted in ten minutes. I like 'em simple like this.


Dotpat said...

Might be simple Paul but they still look good

alexa said...

You are just powering through, very stylishly, Paul! Love your dedication.

Neet said...

These two pages are beautiful Paul. Love how you have put just the tiniest bit of embellishment on.

Alisonph said...

Lovely as always Paul - inspiring how you manage to keep up with the class prompts and everything else in your life too. Think I need some tips.