Monday, 10 January 2011

My Word for 2011

It's common on blogs and Facebook to see people allocate a particular word to define their upcoming year. It's not something I've normally joined in with but over the holidays, one word kept popping into my head. Adventure. Now, I'm not an adventurous person, preferring my comfort and security. White water rafting is out of the question. Adventure, for me, is walking down a street I've never gone down before. But I guess I'm yearning for more new experiences. So I feel my word this year will be, EXPERIENCE.

It also happened, as destiny sometimes does, that another blog suggested a new52 challenge. This instantly appealed to my desire for the different and I've scribbled a quick list to start the ball rolling. My intention is to log each month of my new52 into a scrapbook layout. My aim being that by December 31st 2011, I'll have 12 layouts depicting between them, 52 experiences.

In the meantime, it made me think about what was new for me last year. I'm sure I can't remember all of them but I did manage to recall 24 new experiences which I have cobbled into a layout. It'll be something I can compare and contrast with as 2012 draws near. I've already managed one new experience last week and I know what I'm going to attempt this week. It'll be interesting to see how this challenge pans out over the coming months.


alexa said...

Superb page with fascinating glimpses of last year. Would make a great Intro page, with page numbers so you could go to the appropriate full page for more. I'm trying hard not to think about the Jellyfish Meal ... :)

listgirl said...

I'm very excited that you're joining in on New 52! Very much interested in following along on your journey this year. :)

olive said...

sounds fascinating Paul. Keep us in the loop with your new experiences. Hugs Olive xxxx

Dotpat said...

Great page Paul, let us know if you do anything exciting

Neet said...

How fascinating to join in something like this. I am sure you will make a wonderful job of it and it will keep you and Nick on your toes to find new experiences.
Love the LO you have done for last year - you are so good at this kind of thing. (That is as well as everything else)

JoZart said...

Well having looked at your next post before this one, I see that you are already experiencing new things. Great idea which will bring so much of interest into your lives.
Jo x