Saturday, 12 February 2011

Keep A Spare Packet of Hankies in Your Bag with Style

Something you never knew you needed. A stylish holder for your paper hankies. Your ipod has it's cute, sequinned pouch. Your make up is stashed into in a charming purse but your hankies just sit there in plain plastic wrapping, shaming you! If only there was something to smarten them up with.

Well to five lucky readers of my blog, that problem is solved. You will finally be able to store a spare set of hankies in this chic little holder.

If you are a crafty blog hopper or facebooker, you may have already come across the Pay It Forward posts that have been popping up. The idea is that you send a handmade gift to five people who leave comments and it has to be during 2011. They in turn must also pay it forward and make a handmade craft to five people and so it goes on.

Well dear readers, I left a comment on such a post and was lucky enough to be one of the five recipients and therefore in turn, I shall do the same. However, I'm going to do it slightly differently (no surprise there, those who know me can attest that I'm not good at following the rules). For starters, I've already made my handmade gifts prior to posting (if you've seen the Pay It Forward post somewhere else, you'll know that the poster promises to make a gift sometime during 2011 but you don't know what and you don't know when). Also, I'm not going to offer this to the first five people who comment and I'm not going to request you pay it forward in order to receive it.

So, over the next seven days, if I have five people comment to this post, then each will receive one of these exclusive limited edition hanky holders (only five in the world, very rare). Less than five, then each person will receive one and the rest will be given away as birthday/xmas gifts to family and friends (& I'll find a clean cloth to wipe the egg from my face). More than five comments and I'll use a randomiser tool to select the recipients. I'll send them anywhere in the world,not just to people living in the UK.

So tune in next Saturday (19th February) and I'll either be letting you know who I'll be needing an address from or going through my diary to see who has a birthday coming up!!!


Suzi B said...

Wow! I'm impressed ...I'm sewing machine phobic! so anything stitched impresses me. I know you'll get way more than five comments :)
Sue x

kjjc said...

truly stunning Paul.Looks very painty inky stampy. Nice.

Michele said...

Fab idea, Paul. Very stylish - love the fabric x

Tim said...

Hello Paul.

Another lovely project. I have a sewing machine in the cupboard that I keep threatening to get out and have a go. I even have fabrics that I've collected over the years too! Like lots of us, I have more stash than I'll ever have time to get through :) You, on the other hand, make the time to create beautiful things :)

I enjoy reading about your projects, so keep up the good work!


Anne Jagger said...

Ooooo very pretty. I'm sewing machine phobic too - I do own a little machine but haven't a clue how to use it! ;-)
Very impressed by your creation. X

olive said...

how chic, Paul.. just more to add to my bag..... hoping your coming on Sunday to Padgate?????? Hugs xxx

lemon said...

oooh very nice....are you going to post the instructions for those of us who dont win?

Smita said...

This is very very pretty!!! Love the elegant fabric... Lucky are the commenters who receive this :-)

I'm visiting after quite a while... I'll continue with seeing the rest of your fab creations :)