Friday, 1 April 2011

New52 March 2011

Another month has flown by which means one more page to add to my New52 scrapbook.

Paris was heavenly and a delightful way to start the month. We were lucky to have enjoyed blue skies & bright sunshine whilst there. We definitely have emerged from our wintry hibernation. One highlight of the trip was to see the lipstick covered Epstein sculpture where Oscar Wilde is laid to rest.

The following week, we caught up with friends at a new restaurant (well new as in under new management but I made sure to order something new too, so it could still count). I notice that the second entry in February's New52 is a restaurant too. And there was I thinking I didn't eat out often!

The third experience was a trip under the city of Manchester, on a guided tour of it's tunnels. We were advised to bring torches and sensible footwear. That's because apart from the entrance, it's all pitch black, damp and muddy. I booked this back in December, just before Christmas. The tours were sold out and this was the earliest available.

Finally, , I found myself spending the evening with Nick down at the Accident & Emergency. In hindsight, it all seems daft, over what turned out to be nothing more than a bruise. But at the time, when you see blood collecting around a swollen foot and turning it black, it can send the brain reeling. So for reassurance we sought a medical expert's opinion. And on the plus side, I had the free time to read a short novel from start to almost the end (I was one chapter shy when they called Nick's name).

So there you go. Another memorable month. Right, I'm off to the City again today to visit a French Market and perhaps indulge in something new for the week. In fact, there might be more than one if the weather brightens up as it is forecasted to do.


Sarah said...

ooooh that tunnel tour looks fascinating, I love stuff like that.

did you visit the catacombs when you were in Paris? grisly but an amazing experience.

Michele said...

Wow - you certainly pack plenty in to the month! Glad Nick's foot is ok and you found a good use for the A&E waiting time. Our tumble dryer has broken, so I think I might toddle off down to the launderette for a couple of hours and indulge in some uninterrupted reading time myself :)

Anne Jagger said...

That was a busy month. Enjoy the French Market! X

alexa said...

Very stylish! Hope Nick's foot now fine? I love the way you combine the rounded and not-rounded corners. And am still in love with that logo ...