Sunday, 1 May 2011

April's New52

Another month has passed and it's time to print out my monthly layout for the New52 challenge.

Well April is traditionally known for it's showers but we've had anything but. It's been back to back sunshine. Much as I love it, it would be nice if there had been a couple of days of rain for moderation. The ground is worryingly dry.

This was noticeable especially so, when we visited the Ness Botanic Gardens. A harsh winter and little rain has meant there were quite a number of dead or dying plants and trees. Thankfully, the place is large enough for plenty of lush greenery to remain. And on a warm day, when the sun is out, this is a very pleasant way to spend the day. Lots of colour and scent from the many varied flowers which were showing off their blooms, with several large ponds to meander around. Plenty of visitors made the most of the good weather too, bringing picnics along for the day. It all set the scene for a serene & tranquil atmosphere.

However, I'm racing ahead of myself. The beginning of the month saw us heading off to an Anish Kapur exhibition at Manchester's City Art Gallery. On the same day, we toddled along to the tallest structure in the city, the Hilton Hotel. We strided along the red carpet towards the lift which has only one button - floor 23. It's here that one can enjoy the views from the Cloud 23 Bar. If we'd have been more organised, we could have had high tea there. Maybe next time.

The following week saw us taking the scenic journey through the Peak District to check out Scarthin Books in Matlock. I love nothing more than to peruse book shops, especially second hand ones and this was a real treat. Three floors packed to the rafters with books and that wonderful musty library smell.

The third week was Easter and we had my Sister in law up for half of it. Plus I also put my back out again. So there wasn't a lot new going on. However, I was determined to have a small outing and just ten minutes drive away, I knew there was a stall selling Macarons, at The English Rose Bakery. That was the New52 experience. But the market itself was a delightful find. We spent a fortune there. And to our greatest delight, Goose eggs were on sale. They are a favourite for both of us and make the creamiest scrambled eggs which melt in the mouth when teamed with smoked salmon. They are so hard to come by though. Much rarer than Macarons. Which were okay by the way but not a patch on our normal preferred brand. They were tasty enough as a treat but lacked the intense explosion of perfume in the mouth that we're used to.

And though I was mostly housebound, an additional New52 experience was the arrival of my Kindle. Everyone I spoke to who owned one, recommended them highly. And yes, I confess, that ever since I removed it from its packaging, I've had my nose buried in it. I'm reading like it's going out of fashion. At every opportunity bar having a bath.

And there you have it. It's the first day of May as I type this. The sun is still shining bright outside my office window and it's a bank holiday weekend. I think a spot of gardening is called for and I can plan the next few weeks (though I know of one experience already pre-booked for later in the month). Have fun all! Px


Neet said...

Hey you, don't be putting your back out again by doing gardening.
Lovely to read all about your month, Chas loves his Kindle and he loves bookshops (esp. 2nd hand ones) so next time .....
The macarons look delicious - never had one so cannot comment. Am I missing something?
Hugs. Neet x

TEP said...


alexa said...

What a wonderful cornucopia of lovely experiences! So sorry about the back, but it must be improving of you're contemplating gardening. A lovely stylish page, as ever - you just keep them coming, don't you!

Dotpat said...

Love your page Paul, we have had some rain but we are in the cold North East