Monday, 11 July 2011

For The Love of Cake

In the last fortnight, I've been lucky enough to visit London, not once but twice. There's so much in this city I love to see and do that when I'm there, I certainly give my oyster card a pounding (for anyone not in the know, it's a credit card for travelling on the tube and buses).

First time around, I was there to celebrate Nick's 50th with his family. In other words, I scarpered off except for the night of the party. The highlight of the trip was visiting the Cox Cookies and Cake shop. It's buried away in the naughtier district of London, where you can enjoy Thai massage and adult entertainment. Far from shying away from their location's reputation, they play up to it with a cheeky display of cakes and a kinky leather apron for the staff uniform. It's all done very tongue in cheek and I loved it.

If you find yourself in the vicinity, you must pop in. It's a little disconcerting at first. It's more like a night club than a cake shop. The interior is painted all out in black and there's very little illumination. But once you seek out the counter and drool over the cakes, you are instantly put at ease by the extremely friendly and helpful staff.

For the Birthday boy, I couldn't resist buying one of the more irreverent cakes. As for my choice, I was bewitched by the glitter and pink of the strawberry offering.

They were placed in a beautiful, sturdy box, complete with carry handle, ideal for transporting back in safety. They were delightfully sinful but don't get carried away, they won't replace my love for Macarons. In fact, after visiting CC&C, I hopped on over to Harrods, to their Laduree section to buy a selection for the upcoming party. If you have the chance, you must indulge in the Granny Smith Apple flavour. Your taste buds will love you forever.

Well, that's one of the weekend's highlights scrapped and in the album. I'll hopefully make time later on in the week to assemble another page on our latest trip.


chris richards said...

Hi Paul, sounds like a very yummy trip !
I'm Chris richards,a new follower... Love your creations !
Visit my blog sometime !!

Neet said...

Worth a trip to London. Sounds as if both trips were immensely good ones. Love the look of that shop - including the risque apron. Could just manage one of those chocolate ones with my cuppa right now.

Nearly forgot - love your LO (oops silly me, my tummy got the better of me)
Hugs, Neet x x

Michele said...

oo sounds like fun - the cakes look delicious! x