Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Latest London Layout

I'm definitely feeling refreshed after a superb few days back down in London. And what's more, I managed to fit in a few new experiences too. Now I know I haven't been posting about the New52 project but rest assured I haven't forgotten about it. I'm still keeping a record of each new experience. It's just that I've changed it's format and I still need to work on it. When it's done, I'll resume with adding the pages to my blog.

Back to the last weekend, we began when we arrived on the Friday, by visiting the Out of This World exhibition at the British Library. Not everyone's cup of tea, I appreciate, and yes, there was a high percentage of beardy-weirdies there but just as I've been a horror fiction fan since a wee boy, so Nick has had a geeky love for Sci-fi novels. Though I'm not an ardent fan, it was still interesting. Did you know for instance that Bovril get's it's name from a classic sci-fi book? The Coming Race by Edward Lytton, talks of an energy giving potion called 'Vril'. The Bo part refers to the bovine ingredients, so became, Bo-Vril.

The following day, Saturday, we behaved like tourists and hot-footed all round the city. First stop was the London Monument. I hadn't realised you could walk up inside it to the top. There are 311 steps to climb but that's nothing compared to Notre Dame or Arc de Triumph, which I've already done. Excellent views of the Gherkin, Tower Bridge, The Shard, St Paul's, Tower of London & other famous landmarks and a snip at only £3 per person. Believe me, in London, that's cheap.

We tried to go to the Lloyds Bank open day but the queues were too long. So we headed to Borough Market for foodie treats before taking the tube to a cafe opposite the British Museum. The others went to the Cartoon Museum but I'd seen it before and the sun was out, so I sat outside the BM, reading my Kindle (have I said how wonderful they are???). It was bliss.

To end the day, we all descended on the Marylebone district to seek out Daunts bookshop. It wasn't so much for the books but to enjoy the beautiful Edwardian architecture and rich wooden interior.

A perfect day out. On Sunday we put our feet up and enjoyed the warm weather. Then it was a home-cooked roast for lunch, whilst watching the UK leg of the Grand Prix on the box before heading back to Euston & catching the train home again. We couldn't have asked for a better time. Now I'm back, I'm already planning another visit. So much more that I want to see and do.

As for the layout above, it's mostly printed out and pieced together. The only crafty part is that I used Basic Grey Boxer paper for the background.


chris richards said...

Sounds like you had a fabulous weekend......good for the soul !
chris richards

Michele said...

Fab LO - you pack so much into a weekend! Glad to hear that you succumbed to the Kindle, I can't put mine down - love it! x

JoZart said...

Fab account of a great trip. You always reach beyond the mundane tourist attractions and instil in your reader (aka ME!) a desire to share the experiences of the places you visit.
A lovely story..............
Love Jo x

alexa said...

And very good it looks to, your page! Delighted to read your enthusiastic account, and that you had such a great time ...