Monday, 26 September 2011

Chatsworth Sculpture Trail

How lucky am I that last Friday we had some surprisingly and very welcome good weather in the North West of the UK. The sun was out, there was blue sky and fluffy white clouds. It was perfect for visiting the sculpture exhibition Beyond Limits at Chatsworth House gardens. If you are a local follower, I highly recommend a visit but make sure it's soon as it only runs until 30th October 2011. It'll certainly nurture your creative well.

Some exhibits, like the above turbine, are permanent. The current owners seem to be avid fans of sculptural art and have commissioned several new pieces which you'll see all year round.

Magritte is on at Liverpool Tate for a few more weeks. I'm hoping to visit before it ends but in the meantime, I was happy to find his playful sculpture here.

Another permanent art piece from willow. There are three of these bulbous shapes on display near the kitchen garden.

Here I am taking a photo in a rotating mirrored sculpture.

The traditional and the contemporary meet as this brightly coloured, plastic-styled flower sits staring out at the bottom of the cascades.

There are two must sees, in my opinion. This is the first. A beautiful, if fearsome, lion created from recycled tyres. It's breathtaking.

Round the corner is a light hearted piece. A pair of giant upturned naked feet.

Another permanent display are a series of bronze busts depicting the previous Duchess's family tree & the link to the royal family. They were amazingly detailed. There are busts of Winston Churchill, Prince Charles, The Queen (above) & Lucien Freud among the more recognisable faces.

And so to Damien Hirst's contribution. A piece entitled Legend. There are two statues, both on plinths. One is a unicorn, the other a winged horse. These are my other recommended must sees.

And finally, this, ahem, suggestive red flower. Wherever you see an orchid depicted in art, you just know it will be alluding to femininity.

There are 25 sculptures in all and at the entrance you are given a map of the route you can take, in order to see all of them. I understand from the weathermen that we are going to have a spell of sunny weather over the next few days and I can't think of a better way for you to spend the weekend. Oh yes, & like us, you can round off your visit by relaxing outside in the cafe with an ice cream.


JoZart said...

Thanks so much for a wonderful tour of the really are an amazing culture vulture and convey so much of artistic value through your photographs and blog. Really enjoyed browsing and it's a shame the collection won't all be there for much longer.
Jo x

alexa said...

These photos are amazing ... and the recycled tyre lion is just extraordinary. Thank-you for the tour. :)

kjjc said...

these are fantastic. Wish I had know about this-just our cup of tea.

Neet said...

Glad you enjoyed it - I only saw a few as it was before the exhibition but what I saw I liked very much and now I have seen more through your eyes.

Jeanne J said...

Wonderful photography - you've got a great eye. Love the composition and color. My fave is the lion - amazing how something so detailed and imaginative as this sculpture can come from some old tires.