Monday, 19 September 2011

Out Of Sorts

It's been a bit quiet on here due mostly to a bout of man-flu and feeling under the weather in recovering. I'm afraid I'm very typical of my gender and act as if I'm at death's door at the merest hint of a bug. However, I've woken up today feeling 90% there and itching to get on. There are lots of crafty challenges out in the blogging world and I fancy having a go at a few which hopefully means that this blog won't be as bare this week.

So to start the ball rolling, here's the beginning of a mini book I'm in the throes of. I've gessoed the pages, cut out and adhered the papers and decorated the front. Now all I need to do is fill it up with photos and journalling.

Before I do that, however, I need to find a spare afternoon and that's not going to be anytime soon. This coming weekend, for example, I'm hoping to head off to either Liverpool or Chatsworth (depending on weather) & then on Saturday I'm having a day in London (Ally Pally Craft Show, V&A for Annie Lennox) and then (cross fingers) I'm off to a farmers' market and vintage market on the Sunday.

The following weekends seem just as busy. I'm not complaining but it does tend to eat into my craft time lol. However, the one thing I do ensure I make plenty of time for is a pot of tea and I think it has brewed long enough. I'm off to enjoy. Pxx


Cath Wilson said...

Very nice, Paul. Enjoy your busy week/weekends - you'd be bored if it were otherwise, lol x

Michele said...

Wow - you lead a busy life, Paul! Fab mini book :) Glad to hear that your feeling a bit better x

JoZart said...

Woah! Can you cram anymore into your busy life. You really must be feeling better!
Love your mini book... lots of unusual shaped pages.
Love Jo x
look forward to seeing you on 1st Oct

olive said...

jealous......... have an amazing time. xxx

Neil said...

It's looking good so far, thought you weren't good at vintage?! You lied! Pity I'm at Ally Pally Sunday it would have been lovely to meet you but I have to work Saturday. Try to leave some stuff for me there...... Enjoy the farmers and vintage markets too. Sounds fun.

cockney blonde said...

OMG and I thought I was busy, phew! Worn out just thinking of it. Love the mini book and hope you're feeling better. BTW I have some blog candy if you're interested, x

Andrea Ewen said...

So sorry you weren't feeling well but glad your back on track!
Love the mini book...a beautiful compilation of sweet vintage papers and chic details. That flower is simply marvelous, is it handmade? You have quite a knack for adding a multitude of glorious detail in fabulous harmony. It's fantastic!
Hope you get some crafting time in soon, I look forward to my visits here! (However, I would love to visit all the places you're going to...sounds fascinating!)

alexa said...

This looks sumptuous ... wondering what you're going to be put in it (well, treats, obviously) but looking forward to seeing it fill up. Ans so sorry you have been poorly - it's a miserable thing, flu. Hope your weekends are fully and happy!

Neet said...

Would love to see this irl. Can you bring it some time, please.
Enjoy yourself - really have a great time - what's the use of staying in.