Sunday, 2 October 2011

An Altered Box in Vintage White

Well! What a fantastic day Saturday was. For a start, the weather was gorgeous. Lunchtime, I was sat outdoors almost burning in the October sun. When do you ever need sun cream in October? Anyways, as I write, the weather, though warm, is returning to normal. I'll be in a thermal vest by the end of the week.

The second reason the day was special was because I spent it with a wonderful group of local crafters. The day was organised by my amazing friend, Neet. She brought along a plain wooden box for each of us, complete with inspiration as to how to decorate it. The delight in this group is that when given the same project to play with, the results are stunningly individual and different. No two look the same. Mine, you can see above but to see what I mean about the variety, check out Neet's blog post here to see how others interpreted the workshop.

I'm on a vintage white vibe at the moment. It's still new to me and I'm enjoying the learning process of what works and what doesn't. So I tried it out on my piece. I began by painting the whole box in a cream acrylic paint and letting it dry (the sunny day was a boon for this and fortunately each layer dried quickly). The next coat was a crackle solution. Finally, when this had air dried, I slapped white acrylic paint over it. Though you can't see it well in the photos, there's a lovely subtle distressed look to the box.

That took up a good chunk of the morning but it was the afternoon was the fun part. Creating handmade flowers in cotton and linen, and decorating sewing reels in canvas and book text strips. Then there were the goodies that the group shared around. I was very lucky to be sat next to Jo, who proffered up such beauties as the cufflinks, a mini bottle of beads and, my favourite, a lavender bag.

I also sat close by to Donna, who had brought her art journals with her and which I was privileged enough to browse through. Such freedom of expression. Such colour. Such talent. Plus I saw how wonderful a soft backed moleskine journal is for allowing the pages to include chunky elements. I'm tempted to start up art journals again. Watch this space as they say.

If there's a downside to the weekend (apart from a dodgy back) it's the unpacking and the mess that I've created in my art room. There's not an inch of clear space. Every time I move around in it, I trip over something. Methinks a clear-out is due in the next few days.

Enjoy your week everyone! Pxx


Inger said...

Wowwwww I so love your vintage house box!!!!
It's really a piece of art!!
Gorgeous work. Thanks for the inspiration!


Neet said...

Paul, you know how much I admire your work and this is so in keeping with how you have been creating of late. I love it!
I am so glad you came and enjoyed the workshop but I hardly got chance to talk to you tucked away in your corner. Maybe we will have more time after the AGM next month.
Hugs, Neet x

Karenliz said...

It's stunning! What a beautiful piece of art!

JoZart said...

Thanks for your company on such a great day of crafting. Sorry I was in such a mess flowing into your space but I really couldn't get my creative act together at all, even though I did finish my house box and I did enjoy the day.
Your house is really exquisite and definitely a Des Res!!
Hugs Jo x

Michele said...

Wow - that's gorgeous Paul! I've been away for 11 days and can't believe how much you have posted during that time. Hope to see you soon x

cockney blonde said...

WOW it turned out fabulous Paul, although I'm not surprised cos it was well on the way when I had to leave. I think you need to relocate your property to the Avenue or maybe the Crescent cos its clearly far too good for the Street, lol, x

Diana Evans said...

oh this is gorgeous!!! I have to finish mine soon!!! thank you for the inspiration!!!

olive said...

even though we were in the same room I didnt get to see your gorgeous piece. Really loving it Paul.... xx

alexa said...

This is wonderfully delicate and pretty ... You clearly had a glorious day out :).

Andrea Ewen said...

Oh, how fun! Sounds like the ultimate fun Saturday! What a gorgeous creation you've made, just chock full of beautiful vintage trinkets! Oh, to see it IRL! I'm sure it's even more divine!

Doone said...

right Mister, your house is very very very beautiful, and it shouts out PERFECTION, which is fine when you do this art and it is your (not at all) shabby, Chic,

see you are Just Perfect Chic,

but for your journalling let it go Hunny, be a devil (I dare you)see how much mess you can make, then show us!

also (and Jo will confirm this as could Neet) I bought the die cut you used to make your roses because I quite honestly haven't seen a prettier rose flower then the ones you made on Saturday


Dotpat said...

Paul I love this, it looks gorgeous with the colours you have chose, so delicate