Thursday, 27 October 2011

Taking Time Out To CASE

It's been a weird few days. Full of challenges and I don't mean the type I can craft to. I even had an unexpected if unwelcome entry for my New52 project (yes, I'm still doing it behind the scenes and will share at the end of the year). I took delivery in the morning of a heavy new boiler which the courier refused to bring up the steps and indoors. So it sat round the side of our house and right under my nose (literally, I was upstairs in a front facing room) within an hour at most, it was stolen. Talk about stomachs churning and jaws dropping like lead to the floor.

I know they say bad luck happens in threes but we're up to about six and counting. Thankfully not all as bad as being the victims of opportunist criminals. We do now, however, have a new boiler installed in time for winter and the company agreed to supply a second one without charge. Everything all comes out in the wash but it'll be nice to have a boring day.

So last night I went ahead and CASE'd a card which I drooled over recently on a newly discovered blog. The talented lady who made the card is Anne Kristine Holt and you can find both her beautiful blog & the project I used as inspiration here.

I kept most of the elements the same, using stash that was similar in nature. I've also chopped and changed a few pieces to suit as well. It made a change from making something for a challenge. However, there are some brilliant ones out there this week and limited time means I'm going to have to choose. Let's hope it's a quiet weekend and I can put aside more time to play in my craft room.

Hope everyone else is well and finding the time to unwind and create. Not long now until the working week is over. And this weekend (in the UK) we can indulge in an extra hour in bed on Sunday.



cockney blonde said...

I can't believe you had a boiler stolen!!! What on earth is going on in the world today. At least you got it replaced. BTW, love the card, x

alexa said...

Arrrgh! Eeeek! You have done amazingly well to make such a lovely and perfectly composed card in the midst of all that turmoil. I'd have been underneath the duvet for the entire weekend already, let alone an extra hour!

Neet said...

I can't believe it either (see CB's comment) - how on earth can someone come and do that in broad daylight! The nerve of some people. I am so sorry that his happened to someone as nice as you.
That is a beautiful card Paul, you really have changed direction with your work and although I loved your minimalist cards the ones you are producing at the moment are truly beautiful. Off to check the link you provided. See you next Saturday?
Hugs - Neet xx

Cath Wilson said...

Gosh, Paul - what a nightmare! Bet you were gobsmacked. Glad it all worked out in the end, though and hope things take a turn for the better. Love your card - the colours you're working with at the moment are exquisite - so peaceful and calm, regardless of what you're experiencing. Unfortunately, life happens that way at times. Onward and upward, as the saying goes ... x

Sharli said...

Holy cow! I'm so sorry that you were a victim - but glad that it worked out in the end. I know first hand how you get that pit in your stomach and feel so violated! It's just awful and makes you so sad that the world has come to this point.

Well, like others, I am impressed that you were able to "keep calm and carry on" (isn't that very British?) - the card is outstanding - representing good and beautiful things in life. Just looking at it is therapeutic.


Andrea Ewen said...

Unbelievable...the nerve/gall of some people. I can't imagine that the boiler was something that they could just sneak off with in their pocket! Anyway, I'm glad it worked out for you in the end and you'll be warm and toasty this upcoming winter season...
Onto bigger and better things...your card is amazing! What a lovely addition with the really draws your eye wonderfully to the design! The colors are beautiful (that must be one of your favorite combos...rightfully so). LOVE LOVE LOVE the pearls with the MS Doily Lace border too, makes your card is a stellar example of shabby elegance!