Thursday, 17 November 2011

Clearing Time in my Calendar

It's been a wonderful, productive week, filled with the delightful joy that I feel when placing ticks against items on my 'To Do' list. I've even managed to exercise every day and make healthy, nutritional meals every night. It's Stepford Wives & Invasion of the Body Snatchers all rolled into one. It won't last but whilst I'm in the flow, I'm not complaining.

However, I haven't found much time to make something that I can show on my space on the web. I've dabbled with smooshing paint around paper, doodling and mixing colours but nothing that I could call a "finished" project. Also, I've just discovered that a pulp fiction author from the 1980s, whose books I read avidly as a teenager, has had them all converted to Kindle. This has meant that my evenings are currently filled with nostalgic lo-brow fiction. Think I'm joking? Well I'm presently half way through a novel on giant killer crabs, the size of cattle, rampaging through Wales. I have no standards!

So this morning, in an effort to take time out to play, I have sneaked an hour out to produce a quick card for the Mojo Monday challenge. Hence why there's no time consuming techniques such as stitching on this design. I just reached for my go-tos of Prima paper, flowers, lace and die cut labels.

Tomorrow, I shall reward myself for all those late nights working (which aren't easy for a lark such as myself) and days spent tearing through my lists with a trip to Manchester's Christmas markets. Not because I'm feeling festive, far from it, but because there are some wonderful food related (surprise, surprise) stalls there. I'll be buying up the smoked hams, french cheeses, brandy snap biscuits and warming myself with a hot chocolate or two. Bliss!

Hope you all have a fun and creative weekend. Pxx


Jeanne J said...

Paul, I love reading your blog - maybe you should dabble in writing too with that creative soul of yours! Your description of the yummy gormet treats you've been sampling has me wishing I was right there beside you! At least your guilty pleasure of sci fi is not fattening! See, you've distracted me... your card is gorgeous (as always).

Anne Jagger said...

I adore your card, it's beautiful. Enjoy your reading - nothing like some low brow stuff like that to help you relax. X

Cath Wilson said...

It may be a quick 'go to' pile, Paul, but there's a lot of skill involved in designing something like that - beautifully put together. Cooking healthy food must be 'in the air' cos I'm making lots of soups right now. Christmas market sounds fab, though - I really want to go to the one at York this year and keep forgetting to plan it in! Try not to find too many yummy foodstuffs and lay off the cheese, lol - not that I would x

kjjc said...

lovely card Paul. didn't realise the Christmas market had arrived. Determined to go this year as I missed it last year and the year before. Maybe this time I will get there.

JoZart said...

Well that was worth waiting for! It is beautiful and whilst there are so many parts to it, it still looks so subtle.
Sounds like a productive week even if not a crafty one so enjoy the market as a treat. The German ones don't set up until just one month before Christmas.
Love Jo x

alexa said...

Such wonderful tones with a slightly soft and faded look but still vibrant. I'd like to look like that!
Glad your week is so productive health-wise - cheering you on here!

Michele said...

Lovely card, Paul! Have a great day at the Christmas markets. x

Andrea Ewen said...

It takes wonderful talent to "throw a card together" in an hour...especially one that is as exquisite as this one! No fancy techniques? Not needed! The flowers, pretty papers and elegant sentiment panel do all the talking. Well done on this beauty, as well.
I have to agree with Anne...I love to read your commentary...chock full of interesting details, stories, foods...I feel like I'm broadening my British knowledge base with all of your fascinating musings!

Jocelyn said...

I'd sure like to grab my paper, flowers lace and die cuts and have it turn out like that! Wow!