Thursday, 12 January 2012

Casually Spontaneous Tag

I've been so busy over the last week or so, which is brilliant and not a complaint, but it has meant that I've completely lost all track of time. I'm so focused on design work and slotting in time to exercise plus draw everyday, that I've not set a few moments aside to craft and play. Well that was soon remedied last night by an unscheduled couple of hours just sitting and playing around with my stash.

I'd already switched off my computer and wasn't willing to switch it back on in order to find a challenge to join along with. So I spied a bundle of tags sitting on a shelf and grabbed one to smoosh paint around on. I then stamped on some swirls and sprayed a white mist solution on top.  Not that you can see any of its wonderful effect, as I've embellished over the majority of it lol.

The rest really had no fixed plan to it. I just reached into random boxes and pulled bits and bobs out and arranged it all until I had something I was happy with. The button (I am prepared to admit) was one I found in the streets one day. I don't own many large buttons so I thought I'd rescue it. However it was plastic and the colour, dark navy. I craftily converted it into a shabbier affair by brushing over a coat of gesso and, once dry, a layer of Ranger's white crackle paint. Once set, I daubed over victorian velvet and tea dye distress inks.

And I have to say, it felt incredibly relaxing to just sit and be casually spontaneous. Just to fritter away time, without having a purpose. Not sure I could motivate myself to do that often. But it's refreshing every once in a while.

Hope you all find time this weekend to relax and be free-spirited in your own crafty spaces. Pxx


kjjc said...

Thi is absolutely lovely Paul. Love the muted feminine colour and all the embellishments you added. truly lovely.

Jeanne J said...

Paul, I have to admit I love reading your blog as much as I love seeing the lovelies you create! Your tag is stunning - I hope you have it displayed in your craft room! I love that you recycled the button - who would have guessed? Really beautiful!

olive said...

darling Paul..thank you for the card and (the sentiment) you made me. xxx
I love this tag, gorgeous. xxx

Cath Wilson said...

Glad you had time to play, Paul but I wish I could see more of that lovely sounding background :-)

Love what you've done, though and the button is especially cool - great way to paint it. Found objects are brilliant. Don't work too hard xxx

alexa said...

Such a delicate and yet visually intriguing tag ... glad you found some time to 'mess' around with such great results!

Scrappi Sandi said...

I'm a big fan of repurposing & have a drawer full of 'finds'...I always feel especially gratified when I get to include them in a project!

Also interested to read that you had logged off & didn't have a challenge to create for. Sometimes I go weeks just working on challenges & really miss 'doing my own thing' without working to criteria!!

Love your finished fact am totally loving your shabby chic style altogeyher! {{hugs}} x

Dotpat said...

That is so elegant Paul I love it

JoZart said...

You keep coming up with something new yet manage to give it a familiar shabby chic slant of your own. This is so effective and I love the easel.
I am eagerly anticipating new of "DARE" ??? Any bulletins?
Love Jo x

Michele said...

What a beautiful tag! Love the soft, delicate, colours and the combination of embellishments, especially the little bouquet of flowers tucked into the lace x

Neet said...

Fab-U-Lus! Love your tag Paul and the story of how you made it going along with it.
Missed you and am eagerly awaiting the next meet up we have - hoping it is Feb and I don't have to wait until March. Are you coming to the Leigh show?
Neet xx

Andrea Ewen said...

Haha...I'm just a little bit late to this party! I did want to let you know what a gorgeous tag this is, I've had your email in my inbox and I didn't want to let it go until I droppped by to tell you how down-right fabulous it is! How clever of you to re-purpose that button...I would have never guessed that it was navy in it's previous life! (I thought that I was one of the only ones that scouted out for little odds and ends that could be used for card-making...and I am not against picking things up off the street or trash-diving :) The pearls are divine accents, too...they really add such elegance while keeping with the shabby feel. I am so enjoying these tags you are creating!