Tuesday, 21 February 2012

A Tag for Trying out Techniques

It's been a hectic week what with work, friends and the NEC Stitches show. I've hardly had any time to sit and relax in my craft room. However, one evening, just before the weekend, I had a play with a few techniques. And so that they didn't get lost in the black hole of my stash collection, I assembled them into a tag.

The butterfly I have saved on Pinterest as I was extremely impressed by the idea of using twine to create the body, head & antennae. So I copied it almost to the letter.

The flower is my version of a Prima decoration, using scrunched up white card.

And the utee-embossed die cut was inspired by this tutorial from Card of My Eye's Drew Scott. I say inspired by, because I followed his tutorial which resulted in a beautiful, dark gold, rustic dress form. But then I wanted to see what I could make with white embossing powder. This first trial didn't go quite as I had wanted but I felt it was still usable. I shall find more time to play again and see if I can improve on the results. And I may even get around to making a tag with the original darker dress form.

I hope everyone's going to be tucking into freshly made pancakes tonight. I'm at class, so I've cheated and bought powdered mix into which you add water because it'll be late when I get back and I won't feel in the mood for making batter. Well that's the plan, unless Nick has the foresight to buy the fresh ingredients on his way home tonight. I do have a whole lemon at least, to squeeze over them with a sprinkling of sugar. It's the only way to serve them.

(Update: Nick has bought home the ingredients for batter. We'll be having proper unprocessed pancakes after all haha).



Neet said...

I don't like pancakes, unless they are savoury filled and coated in cheese sauce and browned in the oven so I too have bought one of those instant shaky things. Chas will have to make do with that with some lemon and whatever else they put on. Must say your mention of lemons took me back to Drucie's home grown ones - pink lemons!

Sorry, I came on here to post about your fabulous tag. What a great way to do techniques, use several on a lovely piece of artwork. Again another beauty from the desk of Paul B. Is there no stopping you? (not that anyone would want to - we enjoy what you make so much)
Hugs, Neet xx

JoZart said...

Glad you've been out and about having fun!
Love to share another lovely, lovely!! Simple but excellent idea to use the twine for the butterfly bits!
Shame on you using a mix for pancakes... I hope you aren't using a squeezy lemon too!!!! It's so easy to wizz up a mix and it's all the better for being left to rest, so can be made in advance.
Hugs Jo x

Kory K said...

Your work is so beautiful it's making me jealous!

So so nice!

But why is everyone going to be eating pancakes?


Ann B said...

Mmmm, pancakes, can't remember the last time I had any so well done Nick for bringing home the ingredient.
Beautiful tag - as usual Paul, I love your shabby chic style.

Scrappi Sandi said...

Enjoy those 'fresh' pancakes! This year ours were made using a Delia Smith buttermilk recipe...Yum!! With lemon & (for me) Candarel!! But I have to own up to using Jif lemon!!

Love all the components in this tag & that is an awesome idea to use twine for the butterfly body parts!!

P.S Will you be coming down to Ally Pally for the BSSS in April?

Dotpat said...

Another fab piece of art Paul, just love the things you make. I loved pancakes with lemon and sugar, that is how my Mum used to make them, alas can't have the sugar now as am diabetic but we did have a prawn and mushroom omelet. Just have to compromise

Paul Browning - The Artsider said...

It's Shrove Tuesday here Kory - where traditionally you stuff yourself with pancakes before giving up comfort foods for Lent. Px

Anne Essex said...

Gorgeous tag.

HeatherLynn said...

oh my gosh, what a lovely tag! Thanks for sharing that butterfly trick with us! I am soo enjoying your blog..I'm your newest follower! ~HL

Michele said...

Beautiful tag, Paul - I love it! x

Lynne Moncrieff said...

The twine is such an excellent idea, just that little bit different.
Adore the shabby chic quality to your tag.

alexa said...

Hope you enjoyed those pancakes. :) I so admire the soft elegance of this tag - and your scrunchy flower is perfect.

Frank Garcia said...

Such a gorgeous tag sooooo beautiful! Your work truly inspires me!! Love coming by your blog!!

The Gentleman Crafter said...

You know Paul, this tag truly makes me want to get up off my comfy Saturday Morning bed and try giving it a go! It is simply airy and bright and fun and exciting. I love the way you put it together. I also love love love the butterfly! Have to try that too! You are such an inspiration my friend! Glad I follow you!


Andrea Ewen said...

Fabulous soft, romantic and chic tag, Paul! Love the wispy feather paired with that lovely are certainly the master at these.
I hope your pancakes were delish...I love having breakfast for dinner!