Wednesday, 1 February 2012

A Tag, A Toothbrush & A Recycled Book

As you can see, I've still been idly playing at making tags. There's no stopping me when I'm on a roll you know. Actually, it's more honest to say that I've been busy focusing on other stuff recently and that crafty play time has been limited. So it was that one evening I sat and made flowers. Another evening, I inked up a craft sheet with pumice stone Distress Ink  & swiped an old toothbrush through it before slapping down tags to get different textural effects. 

And then on the last evening, I took the tag and flowers and assembled them together along with other goodies I have lying around. And, after purchasing a second hand book 'Ceramics for the Collector", found word art has now made an appearance. It's been a good while since I have given myself over to serendipitous art. But I have to admit I do have a soft spot for its creative nature.

Maybe that's because art has been worming its way back into my life with my recent attendance at a weekly painting class. But before you get carried away thinking I'm learning how to recreate the Mona Lisa, I must confess it's a "Painting for Dummies" kind of class. However, I'm loving it. It feels like a relaxed, easy way of getting back into pencils and paint. I need gentle. I'm not so good at the "jump in at the deep end and learn how to swim" school of thinking. Especially with art. I'm as intimidated by a crisp, clean, blank sheet of paper as anyone.

Right, I'm off to go and crack open my Moleskine book and battle with the blank pages :)

Have a wonderful & creative day

Paul x


kjjc said...

this is lovely Paul. Again soft muted colours and those flowers are fabulous. You obviously have a talent in the flower-making department. Look forward to the next flower making lesson at the next HG crop.

JoZart said...

Did you make those gorgeous flowers? The tags just get better and better if that's poss!
thanks for your thoughtful message... I'm just off to visit the patient in hospital and his op went well I'm told.
Jo x

Chris said...

Another beautiful tag, Paul. Love the colours and flowers. You make me want to play! Just need to get my nephew's wedding invitations done first...

Neet said...

That is beautiful. I told Shari all about your change of direction and she sent a message - "Smoosh" as she blew a kiss. Her face lit up when I said you were a friend of mine. Went back to get a photo and it is on my blog. Ask me about it when I see you.
Wish you had been with me at CHA.
Love, Neet xx

Scrappi Sandi said...

More gorgeousness! I can't wait for you to share what you create at your Art Classes! BTW, I am now the proud owner of a Prym flowre loom (Thanks again for that link!) & will be using my first attempts on it, on a LO any day now!! :)

See you in the MMEW Gallery very soon, I hope?!!

Jeanne J said...

Paul, Gorgeous (AGAIN!!) Love the roll your own. Glad to hear about your painting class - can't wait to see what direction it takes you!

Michele said...

Wow - you're really on a roll with these beautiful tags! Your handmade flowers are gorgeous - we definitely need a lesson from you at HG xx

alexa said...

The texture on this is just lovely, and the faded raspberry pink is luscious ... You are clearly enjoying these! I like the found poetry too. :)

Karen said...

Beautiful tag. Just love your flowers. Good luck with your art classes. xx

Andrea Ewen said...

Simply lovely Paul...the paper flowers are just a delight and so perfectly placed on that darling tag! Great idea with the toothbrush to make the background design...just remember to set that brush aside ;)

Kory K said...

I am AMAZED by the look you got there from AN OLD TOOTHBRUSH! Wow!

I LOVE using any random old thing I find around the house to acheive a cool effect- but I never thought of a toothbrush! I've gotta try this out!

I am so happy to have found you!