Saturday, 28 April 2012

You Are The Best

Again, I wanted to play with my Nature Garden stash. Firstly to see what kind of card I could come up with and secondly because I wanted to tell you who else is on the Gypsy Chick's Design Team. Head over to Frank's Haus of W and you'll find that this amazing guy has heaps of sensational projects to drool over and tutorials to share. I'm in awe of his work and truly I'm inspired by his imaginative collage assemblages in his designs. And yes, he's the newest DT member.

I wanted to go really shabby this time around. I love taking a brush which has been dipped in water and going around the edges of a paper square before crumpling and drying it. Works really well on cards. I've done this on a few scrapbook pages but it does tend to make the finished designs curl up, instead of sitting flat. Something which doesn't happen with cards.

Again, everything I made the card from, can be found on Jodie's Etsy store, except for the circular die shapes, string & twine. And speaking of the twine, I added a swirl of paper string to my design as an hommage to Frank. I've been fascinated by the swirls of twine which loop through his pages but until now, haven't attempted to try it out.

Right, off to devour a healthy (read dull) bowl of muesli for breakfast before deciding what to do with the day.

Have a fun one peeps.



Kory K said...

Paul!!!! I LOVE this card!

What is the die that you use to cut the circle with loops around it? Sorry that isn't better described, but I'm hoping you can translate me. I need something like that-

I wanna know more about wetting the edges of the paper - do you wet the edges and crumple the entire piece or just crumple the edges you wet?


Diana Joy said...

Amazing, just amazing Paul. I love the softness of the colors you used, and your layering is fabulous.

Frank Garcia said...

Paul thank you for all the love, I truly appreciate it, what a gorgeous, gorgeous, GORGEOUS, card!!! SOOOO beautiful, the layering is fantastic and love the way you distressed the paper, well done. Thank You for the twine mention, so cute of you! Love me some twine!

Hugs! Frank

alexa said...

I'm liking the loopy twine a lot. :) The crumpled edges are perfect.

alexa said...

PS I was going to add something affectionate about creators of such gorgeousness and the appropriateness of crumpled and loopy for those of us Of A Certain Age, but decided discretion was the better part of valor. You can delete this comment!

kjjc said...

Lovely to see your AF grungy soul coming out again. I always knew it would return.

JoZart said...

Gorgeous grey grunge and love all the details. Simply the best, better than all the rest!
Love Jo x

Neet said...

There is so much on this card that you can keep looking and spotting something else - yet it is not crowded. Perfect balance of ephemera.
Hugs, Neet xx

The Gentleman Crafter said...

Love the edges of the card. Love the overall feel of the card. Very well done man!