Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Altered Round Box

Last week it was a tin, this week, it's a box. After a break from altering, I now find myself having a go at it twice in a row. Well, it helped pass an otherwise dull and wet bank holiday afternoon. Better than clearing out the books in the attic which is how Nick chose to spend it. I thought about drawing and doodling away but decided instead to cut and paste pretty papers.

Again, I used all the wonderful stash from Jodie Lee's Nature Garden Collection. Well all except the pale blue buttons and beaded trim which are from my own horde.

I love the pale colours in this collection and how they beautifully blend together. It's so nice to have all the work done for you. Really I could have chosen any of them to match together and they'd seamlessly complement each other. You can't tell from the photo but there are four different patterned papers used in this. 

Well I hope that those who had a break yesterday managed to find something pleasant and distracting to do and weren't put off by the miserable weather. 

Enjoy the rest of the week :)



Andrea Ewen said...

Oh, I would certainly choose your method of whittling away the hours...and look at the result of it! Exquisite treasure box, not only the treasure that could be stored inside but the beauty that surrounds it! The flowers are stunning and that row of buttons is drew my eye straight away! Lovely, lovely!

Michele said...

Gorgeous project, Paul! I love the arrangement of flowers within the doily shape and am especially impressed with the perfect circle of buttons! x

kjjc said...

lovely Paul. Love the top of the box and the arrangement of flowers. You are a lucky boy getting these papers.

Frank Garcia said...

Oh Paul what a gorgeous piece of art, love it, such gentle and beautiful embellishments and gorgeous color combos, the buttons have to be a fave for me, gorgeous work friend.

Hope your weather clears up!

Love, Frank

JoZart said...

Your box is just fantastic and I now want to know what is within? Maybe I'm just nosey?
Love Jo x

Jeanne J said...

Really stunning Paul - a miniature work of art - every detail is perfection!

Linda said...

WOW Paul I love this! The lovely pastel blues and all the added texture and dimension are fabulous. Loving the buttons around the lid.

Thank you for sharing.
Linda xxx

Neet said...

That is a beautiful box Paul. I love how you have settled those flowers into the circular shape on the top - Spellbinders?
As Jeanne J said - a miniature work of art and I just love the pale shabby chic blue you have chosen.
Hugs, Neet xx

gypsychick said...

Ooooh. I so want one of these! I'm going to have to scrap lift this and make one just for me over the weekend. So gorgeous Paul!!!

gypsychick said...

The close up shot is even more stunning!! Oh my goodness, the little flowers with the buttons in the middle!!! I love it. I just showed hubbie and he thinks you're incredible too. He commented on how great your photos are as well.

Sharli Schaitberger said...

what a beautiful project Paul! I love the colors - so calming and cool, and you have added so much detail that it's just a delight to look at it! Awesome work!

alexa said...

Another perfectly lovely creation! The flowers on top blend together so well and I am wondering how you managed to finds buttons just the right size to fill that shape so perfectly!

JoZart said...

Great to see you too Paul, however fleetingly. Our wisteria is wonderful and is just outside the patio window.... the trouble is that it wends it's way over the other side of the fence to the sunny ide so my lovely neighbour gets 90% of the show!
Hope we'll get some new inspiration from you after Port Sunny!
Jo x

The Gentleman Crafter said...

Beautiful! The button border rocks! The whole box top rocks! Fantastique!

gypsychick said...

Oh, by the way, I just had to tell Mum about this one!!!
I sent her the link. She would love it!

I might make this with her when I go to visit UK soon-ish.