Thursday, 24 May 2012

Burlap Flowers & Chippy Fairies

Well I'm back from London & I survived. It was definitely a novel experience, fighting my way through the minefield of tourists but it was fun. And I came back laden with art supplies, tea, french cheeses and some rather heavy sausage.

And it's been a great week so far. The UK has been enjoying the rare sighting of the sun. Yes, even Manchester's constant rain has been put on hold. It's been so tranquil to sit in the garden and draw or listen to a play whilst sipping on smokey Earl Grey.

Trouble is, I haven't felt like sitting indoors, in my craft room playing and it was beginning to look as if I was going to have nothing to blog this week. However, I was up bright and early this morning and had already notched up a couple of hours worktime, so decided to drag out my stash and just spend a few minutes putting something together.

Almost everything is from Jodie Lee's Nature Collection, except for the burlap flower. I found this neat tutorial here. You need to scroll down to the last flower made, the Button-Eyed Daisy. I love how the burlap frays as you make it and you end up with these tattered strands. And I know I always say this but honestly it's really easy to make.

Right, well I'm going to sign off, prepare myself some lunch and then partake of it in the garden. I may even fool myself into thinking I could take some work outdoors later on (though I've tried that one before and end up taking a book out and reading that instead lol). Welllllll...I can always work when the sun goes down haha.

Have a great weekend folks



Linda said...

Loving the tag and the burlap flowers are fabulous! Enjoy the sun it is here for the weekend at least :)

Linda xxx

JoZart said...

Well it looks like life is good in this glorious weather for you and I'm so glad you did find a little time to craft amongst all these other treats.
Your tag is elegantly cute with that tiny fairy and I love the delicate grunge background effect.
You are adding to your flower makes collection week by week. Seriously, I think you should write a paper crafter's flower making book!
Don't forget the factor 30!
Love Jo x

Frank Garcia said...


Gorgeous, Gorgeous, Gorgeous! LOVE the placement of the fairy chippie! I knew you could use it! This tag is out of this world amazing, love the burlap flower, might have to try that out! Thanks for the amazing inspiration my friend! Have a great weekend! Enjoy the sun!

Hugs! Frank

Michele said...

Fab tag! Glad you're enjoying this lovely weather. Have a lovely weekend x

Neet said...

I think we can all be forgiven for not crafting but enjoying the sunshine - it is such a rare thing these days. You just chill and enjoy - drink more of that lovely tea and eat that smelly cheese. LOL
Glad you got up early and made that tag - it is a pure delight.
Hugs, Neet xx

olive said...

I know what you mean bout taking stuff out to make, doesnt happen!!! love the tag and so jealous bout your trip to London......keep safe. xxx

Andrea Ewen said...

What a lovely mix of elements and textures...I myself attempted to make a burlap flower and failed miserably, so thanks for the link to the tutorial. The fairy image looks beautiful set against the tranquil sea of flowers. Simply lovely.
(I wouldn't want to be couped up indoors either if the sun was calling to no guilt!) :)

alexa said...

Ooooh, I love those burlap flowers! Anything with texture and I am a sucker ... Mind you. it was you who taught me that. :)

gypsychick said...

That is SO so awesome Paul!!! Love it!!!

The hessian touch is awesome too!

Queen B said...

This tag is awesome!!! I love faerie images. :)