Friday, 27 July 2012

EDM Challenge 2

First of all, thank you everyone, for all your kind comments, especially regarding my newest profile picture. If only someone had sneakily taken a photograph or video of how it came about, it would certainly make you look at the result in a whole new light haha. Believe me, it's not easy acting like a diva when you're the only one around, setting up a tripod to take your own photo. Temporarily, I found myself transforming into Jekyll & Hyde and being the only one to witness it!

It's been a busy morning so far. I began the day with a lovely online chat with two crafting buddies from across the pond. An unexpected and delightful surprise. They were a tonic first thing in the morning. Great to have a few laughs before I'd even thought about breakfast. Then it was off for the weekly food shop (my life is so glamourous) before fitting in a smidgeon of work.

Again, during what I will laughably call my lunch break, I dug out my sketchbook and cracked on with the second EDM Challenge... draw a desk lamp. The nearest I have to a desk lamp, in our house, are the two identical ones either side of the bed, purchased from IKEA and which are perfect for providing the lighting for nighttime reading.

Two drawings in two days????? I can hardly believe it. Can I keep up the momentum??? 

I'm still not happy with the written scribble but it's a marked improvement on yesterday. 

I've nothing planned, as of yet, for the weekend. Rare, I know. So, I may even find myself crafting away like a madman. Or I may just drag a duvet down onto the sofa, whip up a batch of popcorn and have my very own mini filmfest. I know there's something important going on in the UK this weekend but for now it seems to have slipped my mind and will probably keep "slipping" for the next two weeks.

Until next time.



kjjc said...

Why? What's going on? Great lamp hun.

Frank Garcia said...

I am really loving these drawings Paul, they are so cool, and so thoughtfully drawn I am in love with them, such an original way to express yourself. I feel you are such an artistic and imaginative person, and this is a great way to express that. I love this new part of your creative journey.

Love, Frank

alexa said...

Your drawings are just wonderful ... I think you probably will be able to keep this up if you keep the work to just a smidgeon!

Neet said...

Nice drawing Paul and nothing wrong with the writing.
Hugs, Neet xx

cockney blonde said...

Don't beat yourself up, I think the drawing his brill and the writing is fine too, x

Kory K said...

I love the handwritten part- it's great!

I wish I could draw! I'm not very good. I can draw a pretty good zombie. But probably only because it doesn't matter if their face is all screwed up.

I really love the style of your drawings. I hope you put them together into a book.


olive said...

Its an ace drawing.. at least it looks like what its supposed to be!! just keep rocking it. xx

Cath Wilson said...

LOVE those minimalist splashes of colour to add the mood - superb stuff x