Sunday, 29 July 2012

EDM Challenge 4 - Getting Too Cocky

Hmm, this is what happens when I start to be a little cocky and over sure of myself.

The fourth EDM Challenge is to draw your mug or cup. Couldn't be easier, I thought to myself. I've drawn plenty of cylinders and mugs before. I can do it in my sleep. So, in order to challenge myself, I plonked my lovely Villeroy & Boch mug in front of me.

If you know this company and their products, you'll be aware of their beautiful trademark curves. Their cups and mugs, in particular, have a wonderfully sensuous, swirled lip culminating with a twist to form the handle.

However, as you can see, I went completely off. The perspective is out, the shading is awful and it all results in quite a mess. A kind, supportive art teacher would probably give it a D-. Normally I hide/destroy my mistakes. I would usually tear it up and start again. But there's a voice in my head urging me to be more honest. To keep sharing these sketches on here, even when they go wrong.

Don't worry, I'm not beating myself up. I don't know of a single designer, artist or illustrator who hasn't had an off day, or produced something completely awful. Besides, I have drawn this cup before, a couple of times and both attempts were far better than this.

So the lesson to myself here is that the next time I look at a challenge and think I'm going to be able to walk it blindfolded, I need to kick myself up the backside and focus better on what is in front of me.

Right, time to pick myself up, dust myself off and climb back onto the horse. I'm off to attempt the next sketch.



Sarah said...

I found the mug really difficult too. I see you have had another go since, glad you managed to satisfy your inner perfectionist :) If you are a facebook user you should join and upload to the Everyday Matters group on there. Lots of scary talent in the group but very supportive.

Sarah said...

PS £12 for a mug??? blimey - I wouldn't dare have something that nice in my house, it would last 5 minutes, my kids just have to walk into the kitchen and crockery breaks :) it's lovely though :)

cockney blonde said...

What can I say. When it comes to drawing I have more than an off day, I've had an off lifetime, lol. Personally I like the quirkiness of it, x