Friday, 17 August 2012

Colourful Finds and Colourful Tags

I'm much more at home, playing around on tags it seems. I decided to try adding  colour to a doodle this time around. So much easier to try out on a smaller scale than a journal page. And whatever seems to work, I'll go along with.

The word "Equipoise" is a new one on me. It means (if, like me, you didn't know) -  "Equality in distribution, as of weight, relationship, or emotional forces".

I came across it by going onto the internet, finding a word generating site and requesting it come up with one. The general idea, especially for brainstorming/creative purposes is to go with whatever word comes up, whether you like it or not. However, I didn't like it and pressed the generate word button again. In fact I must have seen about 20 random words before this one came up. 

Armed with my word, I wrote the block lettering first and then doodled around them. I added colour with copic markers and well, that's all there is to tell.

Interestingly, I made a little discovery yesterday. As I was putting the empty cans and bottles into the recycling bin at the side of our house, I saw on the ground, that Nick had left a box of card and paper next to the paper bin. It was a bunch of stuff from where he works and in amongst the Amazon packaging (of which Nick & I accrue way too much), there were these...

...100 large red tags. I knew instantly that these needed to be rescued and stored in the proper place i.e. my craft room. They're printed on one side (which can be covered with gesso, collaged paper or paint etc) and blank on the reverse. I'm so used to playing around with white and occasionally manilla tags but never red and I love that they're colourfully different. I mean, wouldn't you rescue them if you saw them too? Of course you would :) 

Right, off to prepare for a visit from an Aunt. One of Nick's, whom I haven't met before. All I've been told about her is that she's an intellectual sort, which is a deliberately nebulous remark. Whether I'm to interpret it as that she's fun to be around or not, I'm unsure. But I'll be on my best behaviour and the house will be cleared of dust, regardless. Besides lamb is on the menu tonight, so I'll be a happy camper. 

Enjoy the weekend folks



cockney blonde said...

I am horrified that Nick could leave those tags with the recycling. Doesn't he realise that everything must be recycled via the craft room first. Love the tag BTW, x

Lindsay Mason said...

I didn't know that word either but am determined to drop it into a conversation somehow now that I do! Great idea to draw on tags and I especially liked the doodly one - the touch of colour just brings it to life. Naughty Nick for putting the red ones with the recycling stuff...I'll be looking out now to see what you do with them. Lindsay x

Dotpat said...

Fancy putting those tag in the recycling box, I would of grabbed them too. Love your tag by the way, how clever is that

Neet said...

Hope you have enjoyed/are enjoying the lamb and aunt! The latter not in quite the same way of course.
Wow, what a terrific find those tags were - I don't think Chas dare throw things out without asking first - see he knows what it is like to live with a hoarder (sorry, crafter).
Mmm.. coloured doodling - now I could do that in the car today - thanks for the heads up with such a lovely sample.
Hugs, Neet xx

Julia S-W said...

Lucky you to find such wonderful treasure by the bin! Love the tag you made.