Thursday, 9 August 2012

EDM Challenge 8

Hello there Peeps.

Well as I write this, I have playing in the background, on itunes, my favourite track from the "Isle of Wonder" Olympic opening ceremony CD - And I Will Kiss. The one with all the drumming during the scenes of the depiction of the industrial revolution. My favourite part! One word for it. Brilliant!

However, that's by the by, I'm actually here to post my next entry for the EDM Challenge... draw your watch or any other jewellery you own.

Another, quick scrawl, as I was beginning to realise that the gap between drawings was growing longer apart and I'd better get on with it to keep the momentum up. Crafting is still suffering from my poor time management, as I still haven't made anything this week. But I thought I could at least sit down for a few minutes and draw a watch. Yet another "grey" object. My watercolour set is beginning to look mostly untouched apart from the grey which is about half the size now.

Tomorrow I have a visiting Sister-in-Law which promises to be a riot and the day after I'm off visiting somewhere new (fingers crossed) for the day. However, I am determined to fit crafting in at some point before the weekend's over and perhaps another sketch?

Hope you all have a fun weekend planned.



Julia S-W said...

Great watch image! The face of your watch seems to catch the light and I'm sure it has a glass cover. . . wonderful. Have a fun weekend.

cockney blonde said...

Brilliant piccie Paul. As for this weekend....nail technician....thats beauty not DIY, x

Frank Garcia said...

Awesome sketch Paul, I really love these, they are so neatly and artistically made, this one I think is my favorite. You really captured the silver links so well!

Have a great weekend, and thank you for all the blog love! <3


alexa said...

Love the blues on your reflective watch face - and your chain-link strap is most realistic :). Looks like a nice weekend ahead of you!