Sunday, 16 September 2012

Those Remaining Blobs of UTEE

Finally, I've gotten around to making something with the remainder of the UTEE blobs I created the other day (here). It's been so busy here (not a bad thing) that I rarely sit in my craft room and create.

Plus it doesn't help that when I do have some time, I'm snuggling up with my Kindle instead (Grayson Perry's semi-auto biography, Portrait of the Artist as a Young Girl, has been keeping me reading till way past my normal bed time).

I began with using the Spellbinder embossing folder, kickin rubber, I recently purchased (seen in my 12 of 12 post) and painting it with acrylics. Then I heated up the glue gun, arranged the blobs until I was happy and proceeded to stick 'em in place. Not so easy when it came to the smaller pieces!

As the design was looking a little heavy, visually, on the right hand side, I needed something to balance it out with on the left. I decided to use a Martha Stewart border punch to cut out some book text, overlaid it with a ribbon and another strip of book text cut from an EK success punch. This neatly balanced the design without covering up too much of the embossed background.

And that's all there was to it.

Yesterday, I spent a perfect day out in the sun, enjoying some culture but I'll post about that later. I also took the time to write about a single moment in the day, inspired by this post from my lovely friend Alexa (check out the free pdf too). I  haven't decided how I'll translate the notes I took yet but I'll try and put something together before the weekend's out.

Have fun. Pxx


Cath Wilson said...

Ooh, that looks ever so cool, Paul. Well done you for attaching the blobs in such a 'minutieuse' way. I'd have taken a shortcut (probably disastrously) and heated them in situ, to see how they turned out, he, he. Glad you're enjoying your book and keeping busy x

Frank Garcia said...

WOW!!! That is the most awesome project I have seen!!! Those UTEE drips look like sea shells, omg its so amazing Paul! Well done!!!

Hugs! Frank

Kory K said...

I've never seen that embossing folder 'til now! I must have it!!! Frank is right- this is amazing!!

I also really love how you did the book text with the border punch.

Awwww I wish we could all hang out and make stuff together!


Elizabeth said...

Love your UTEE blobs - such a clever idea. That embossing folder is brilliant for guy stuff - though I can thing of a few gals who would love it too. Altogether a very nice finished project. Elizabeth

- Jodie Lee - said...

So artsy Paul! I really love this one!