Friday, 21 December 2012

Book of Firsts - The Ear Clinic

I've been a bit lapse with the ol' Book of Firsts project this year. But it's not forgotten. In fact, I'm here to add another entry from this week.

It's not the most savoury of subjects for a blog but it is a first and one that has brought me a huge amount of happiness this week. You see, for the past two months, I've been living with a blocked up left ear. And yes, most people I've talked to, who've had an ear syringed, have managed to book an appointment much quicker than I have but hey ho.

So, as the weeks dragged on, I'd almost gotten used to my lack of hearing and I could almost ignore the constant ringing of tinnitus. I did feel a bit of an old duffer though, setting the TV to subtitles etc. But once I was sat in the nurse's office, I couldn't believe how quick and simple the whole procedure was. And, oddly enough, I actually enjoyed the sensation of warm water gently vibrating in my ear.

When she was done, it took a few moments but there was a little 'pop', as all the water left my ear canal and suddenly every sound was LOUD and crystal clear. I grinned like a cheshire cat for the whole journey home and for the rest of the day.

And the first thing I did on my return? Just sit in silence and smile at the sheer pleasure of it.

It feels like I've had an early gift. Plus, it's given me a whole new insight and respect for those who have impaired hearing. I'm aware that I'm fortunate enough to have only been affected temporarily.

Have a great weekend. And safe travels, if you're setting off to join family over the festive season.




Kory K said...

That's strange you should post this- I'm suffering the same thing!!! But terrified to call the Doctor- I had to have this done when I was a teenager and it HURT SO BAD I WANTED TO KILL. You make it sound like it was pleasurable?!?! Huh?!?!?!


alexa said...

I've only needed to have it done once, but boy is the world LOUD afterwards - wonderfully clear :). Great idea for your Book of Firsts and so glad all is well and it was nothing more serious. As you say, it's painless.

Justie said...

Very interesting... I don't know if I told you this but I am hard of hearing been this way since birth. I was born at 26 weeks and was fighting to stay alive. But after a 5 months stay in the hosptial.

I finally got to go home with my parents. My mother didn't notice until I started to speak that something was up becuase I would say words backwards not the right form it should be said. My mother would say "moon" and I would say "spoon" When they tried to call my name or talk to me I wouldn't pay attention to them or answer them right away.

My mom took me to the doctor and had my ears tested and they discovered I had mild hearing loss 30 to 40 % They said I would need to be fitted for hearing aids and at 2 years old. I was wearing them and my mother said she would never forget the big smile on my face. When I could hear things with the hearing aids that I couldn't hear before. With my hearing aids I can hear pretty much the samething as anyone else. Without them it hard to understand people when they talk the other things I can't hear birds or any little weird sounds I can hear loud noise but mostly the feel of the nosie I can hear. But with them on I can hear the loud noise like any other person. Plus I have to say I sleep probably better then most people do. Or if people bug me I can turn off or take off the hearing aids. I say I have some good pluses with being partly deaf.


mark gould said...

Glad your back in the land of the hearing. Nice idea the book of firsts. Hope your all set for Xmas. Have a great one. Mark.