Monday, 10 December 2012

Sometimes I Just Stare

Good morning. Hope you've had a wonderful weekend. I was busy, gadding about and taking in some wintry walks. But I did have a little time for playing with my inks and pens. Therefore, I have another art journal spread to share. It was actually a much quicker page to put together than my recent ones.

I gessoed my pages first, as ink and paint had spilled over from the designs created on the other sides of the paper and I wanted a blank, clean slate to work from. I then went down quite a bold path and mixed up a dark colour using my acrylic inks, consisting mainly of Paynes Grey.

The colour didn't lay down as smoothly this time around but the texture it created was still pleasing, so I stayed with it. I took my bottle of Mister Huey's Calico white spray and unscrewed the lid. With the straw end, I flicked spits and spots of white over the entire spread, which gave the effect of a starry sky. Completely serendipitous and happy to go with it.

I wanted to try a different border to collage and doodling this time around and went with brushing a light grey acrylic painted stripe all around the outside with a cheap, broad-bristled brush. It gave the right amount of roughness.

I kept the collage fairly simple. I'd decided I wanted to place a large head on a smaller body but in my mind's eye there was a bigger difference in scale. Maybe next time I'll increase the exaggeration. I saw the image of the camera and felt I could incorparate it. The hands I cut out first before deciding where they'd go. They make good wings, placed behind the shoulders but that's been done many a time before. So they ended up as antlers. Finally chopping up the Qwerty keyboard on a blackberry image, made for a fitting crown.

Thankfully, black sharpie pen showed up on the dark background and the journaling was added. I was left with a lot of space around the bottom of the spread which I could have left alone but my gut instinct was saying 'fill it'. And when there's a space to fill, my default go-to doodle is that of swirls.

And there you have it. A less elaborate page than of recent but just as much fun to put together.

Until next time


JoZart said...

It really does look fun and it's branching away into another style for you which I quite like but need to get used to!
Jo x

Justie said...

Very cool hope all is wekk in the United Kingdom?

alexa said...

You're really following your nose on the art journalling! I love the antlers - very neat :).

Neet said...

I loved watching you make one of these pages. Your talent is amazing. So many styles of working you have taken us through and each one a joy to behold.
LoveNeet xx