Monday, 7 January 2013

The Book of Firsts 2013 Begins

If you saw yesterday's post, you'll probably have a sneaking suspicion as to the first entry in my Book of Firsts 2013.

It's a zentangle...

Yes, I've doodled before now and I've even drawn some tangles in my art journal pages but I've never produced a proper Zentangle. Officially, they are created within a 3.5" square format (normally on a piece of good quality, thick card) and incorporate a String (a random shape intersected with other lines). The shapes inside are then filled with tangles (doodles).

The Zen part comes from deep focused breathing and relaxation as well as the slow, careful deliberation in the creation of the doodles.

How do I know so much? Well, one of my presents, over the festive season, was "One Zentangle A Day" by Beckah Krahula. And I've gleaned all this from her introduction to the practice. And the Zentangle above, is my creation for Day 1.

Rather than on pieces of card, I'm drawing mine in a moleskin journal. I'm hoping, as time goes on, to completely fill my book with all the exercises. Not sure I'll do it in six weeks or manage one a day, but I hope to complete all the chapters eventually. It's a six week course, so only another 41 to draw. As if I need to give myself any more challenges for my self-discipline lol.



Justie said...

Hey pretty nice drawings good luck on the future drawings of your jorunal book.

alexa said...

I love Zentangles - some of them are amazingly complex and 3-D. This one has all the hallmarks, with those different patterns and your 'string'. Did you find it restful to do? Looking forward to seeing lots more :).

Cath Wilson said...

Now that's REALLY interesting - didn't know any of that about the word Zentangles, so thank you!

Looks good and makes more sense now that I know what it means. I used to do those without thinking, but usually when in a lecture or class because I was an addicted doodler but I don't seem to doodle as much these days - or not in a conscious way. Looking forward to more firsts x

olive said...

Well thats interesting... I was looking at this only yesterday and seeing your work, I have now ordered it. xx

mark gould said...

Now how did I miss all this, just catching up now, what a great present to have been given, I will be having a search for it in a mo. I find it so hard to just doodle, I am way to uptight to just do things free form. I shall be paying close attention to what you are doing ( so I can steel all your good ideas ;) ) mark