Tuesday, 12 February 2013

More Mojo & Less Mojo

 I made a sort of goal for myself to choose two crafty challenge sites and attempt to commit at making something each week for them. So, with that in mind, I decided, for now, to continue with Mojo Monday, especially as I enjoy having a sketch to kick the inspiration off.

However, the challenge becomes even more so when the mojo it is supposed to encourage, decides to take a surprise sojourn (my mot-de-jour -  sorry but I just had to use it somewhere in the post today).

The overall background layout was easy. Once again, I stuck to using one collection from Prima. This time around, I went with Madeleine. But when it came to the sentiment and embellishment, I don't know why, but I hit a brick wall. Finally, I resorted to my trusty default of spellbinders and floral. It may not be new, but it works.

I therefore have now come to the realisation that I need a dose of inspiration to shake up my mojo. Maybe a trip out somewhere or even better, booking a short break to London, and visit the galleries.

Until next time
Au Reservoir (I'll never tire of that lol)



Lindsay Mason said...

Great combination of masculine and feminine on one card - I love the colour scheme. Hopefully the trip to Brum might give you a boost but the London galleries jaunt sounds like a very lovely idea! (Any extra room in your suitcase?!?).
See you soon my friend, Lindsay x x

Imapaperlover said...

I love this card! caught my eye and thought I'd take a peek!

Frank Garcia said...

Love your cards, they are all so sophisticated and perfect. Gorgeous Paul.

Hugs! Frank

Anjas-Artefaktotum said...

Wonderful realization of the sketch. I adore all who can create sketches, I can't this.
The Zigzag card is really an art work too. I'll go to sign in to the follower list, and I'm glad if you visit me too:-)
Hugs Anja from germany

Kory K said...

Dangit, that's some classy card!

JoZart said...

You should have come to Event City last week! I'm off to Stitches on Sunday so hope for some good ideas there and dems of some new products.
Love your card, it is quite basic for you but it also is quality.
love Jo x

Bella said...

Perhaps your Mojo does not like the confines of the colour by numbers? Just let go and let loose! Put stuff on your desk and play with no end requirements. I find that works for me. My mojo does not like restrictions, it always lets me down then! Love the card though, so if this is your mojo on the run then I am dying to see what you make when it is home!

Neil said...

Hi Paul, thanks for your kind words re my new books - Lucky you going to Stitches I can't make it this year but if you are there pop along to Tando Creative, that's where my kits and masks will be!

alexa said...

A very pretty and elegant card with plenty of sophistication and savoir faire, mon ami :). A jaunt to London sounds heavenly.

Neet said...

Oh Paul, I hope your mojo comes back for you (soon) but whilst it is missing you are creating some lovely stuff. I love this card. Rich masculine colours mixed with a little femininity makes me think Victoriana.
You can use this as an excuse for a trip to the galleries in London or you can come and see me. Bet London wins.
Hugs, Neet xx