Sunday, 3 February 2013

Zigzag Card

I trotted off to a craft stamping group yesterday and was surprised to hear it's been around six months since I last attended. I know I went into hiding at the end of last year but hadn't realised it had been quite that long. Time flies way too quickly as I age.

Anyway, I had the opportunity to craft away with a project set by someone else. There were two different styles of cards for the day but whereas most of the group finished both, I barely even made one. Not even half of one.

By the time I came to pack up and go home, I had cut out the black card pieces and the white ones and completed the tallest doodled design. That was all.

So this morning, I endeavoured to finish it off by doodling the remaining six pieces and sticking all the individual component together, to finish up with a ZigZag card.

It might not have taken so long if I hadn't tried to be so clever, by continuing with my doodling spree of recent. I love that the group's projects allow you to interpret and create in a way of your choosing but this can be my downfall. Whilst others merrily stamped and inked away, finishing both cards, I was sat with pen in hand and straining eyes. When will I learn to take my reading glasses around with me?

However, I'm pleased with how it's turned out and I feel the time invested was worth it.

Right, I will finish up, as I am off to shop for some treats for tomorrow night's dinner (with a detour to the less-than-romantic dump). Nick & I will be celebrating 15 years together. As it lands on a Monday and restaurants more usually close that evening, we are going to dine in. Therefore, goodies need purchasing.

Until next time, hope you enjoy the remains of the weekend.



Lindsay Mason said...

Happy anniversary to you both Paul. I bet you create something to rival a restaurant anyway!
The card is a real feat of patience - no wonder you didn't finish it in the session. Well worth it though.
Hugs, Lindsay x x x

She said...

Hi Paul, it's a long time since I've visited :( Sorry, I lost your blog link...but now I have found it again!! Love, love, love your card...Stunning. S x Oh and congratulations to you and Nick. Did I tell you I love the card?? X

Kirsty Wiseman said...

That is fantastic

JoZart said...

How super it looks here all finished and stylish.
I meant to add in my other message my good wishes to you and Nick for your anniversary. Hope you have a great evening and enjoy your special "meal in". Don't burn those beans on toast!!!
Love Jo x

Eileen said...

Fabulous! Not a card but a definite art-work. You have such patience (if weak eyesight!)
Have a wonderful night with Nick. Lots of special culinary treats, I hope XX

Karin said...

wow this looks gorgeous!

Cath Wilson said...

That's a nice design, Paul - trust you to make it more difficult by Zentangling the whole flipping lot! Looks good, though.

Hadn't realised it was VS this week or I'd have gone - I so want to see everyone - it's been ages. Hope to see you there some time soon x

Cath Wilson said...

Ooh, and Happy Anniversary - and many more!

Neet said...

Well first of all belated anniversary wishes to you and Nick. May you have many more happy years together.
Now to the card. Paul, this is stupendous! No wonder you took such a long time in doing it, it is a work of art and so beautifully executed. I hope it is on display in your home. It is so nice that you set your mind to something like this and followed it through.
My only downside to my comment is that I was not at Vicky Stampers to see you. Hope you go in March and I get to see you - not seen you since our day out in December.
Neet xx

alexa said...

Paul, this is stunning - I had to read twice to take in that it was your own handiwork and not a patterned paper. You'll have to keep this, as it's a work of art! Know how you feel about the glasses - been there! I carry a spare pair in the car now for emergencies :).

Seth said...

This is really sensational. Unique, detailed and such a clever design.

kjjc said...

Wow this looks complicated. No wonder it took so long. It's fab.

Anjas-Artefaktotum said...

Really a gorgeous masterpiece!

SanDee1899 said...

Dear Paul,

your zentagle are all amazing but this card is just outstanding so creative never seen something like this. Marvelous!
XO SanDee