Wednesday, 20 March 2013

A Blank Book to A Frame

As predicted, I haven't had a lot of time to craft and play this month. However, it hasn't stopped me from loosening the strings around my purse and spending a little online. One of my purchases was the blank book covers by Neelz Expressions. I saw these at the Stitches show on the Tando stand and there and then, knew I had to have them.

So when they hit the stores at the beginning of the month, I popped both the Ancient & Squared Off versions in my basket. So, behind the scenes here, whenever I had a few minutes, I'd be dabbling away with the Ancient book kit.

And though it doesn't look it, in the final cut, there was a heck of a lot of time put into it. The painting of the edges, the cutting out of the paper & the sanding of all those many, many curves. It took quite some patience on my part. But it was worth it.

However, as much as I love the design and it's official purpose as book covers, I had the urge instead, to create a frame out of it.

So with the help of my newest purchase of Spellbinders Elegant Card Maker Labels 4 Die, I created a simple, elegant frame design on the inside.

And there you have it. I may not have been posting here very often but I have been keeping my hand in with creating and crafting. Not sure what I'd do if I wasn't cutting paper up of an evening.



mark gould said...

Wow, great job on the book covers Paul, Are they your paper designs?
Ive been playing around with one of the sets as well this week.
Nice re purpose of them as a picture frame, Ideal 2nd use.

Frank Garcia said...

Those book covers are fantastic and what beautiful photos! Fantastic Paul! Thanks for coming to me and Jodie's show! xoxox

Neil said...

Hi Paul, super cool use of the covers! It's exciting to see different uses for them. Great colours too. I haven't tried working with papers yet so I'm glad to see how great they look; a real labour of love! Can't wait to see how you interpret the squared off kit!

Cath Wilson said...

Gorgeous frames, Paul - love the way you've done them and love all the work you did on those covers/frames. Multi purposing - great way to market them, too!

alexa said...

You are really working these smudgy moody shades, Paul! It makes a great foil for the photos ,…